Saturday, January 21, 2017 man zoekt vrouw in Velsen-Zuid
So what can you see by the dawn's early light? As Washington plays host to the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States,...

femme cherche homme a Douai
On the eve of Donald Trump's once-unlikely inauguration at the 45th President of the United States, Christopher Silver reflects on our obsession with the man who just...

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par söker par i Mönsterås
On the eve of Donald Trump's once-unlikely inauguration at the 45th President of the United States, Christopher Silver reflects on our obsession with the man who just...


Exciting, isn't it? Only a few days now before the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, and de facto "leader of the...

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A lost majority for the SNP... then Trump... Who dares to predict what 2017 might bring, after all that? Surely only a fool...

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The media in Scotland, a subject always sure to stir controversy, but one that remains important as Scottish politics demands centre stage attention. The SNP's...

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Craig Murray, scourge of the Blairite establishment during his time at the Foreign Office, and critic of the SNP after the party's refusal to...

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Pro independence group Phantom Power have launched their promised arts and politics magazine show PERSPECTIVE. is proud to present the pilot show today. We plan...

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Is it possible to think of Scotland outside Europe? Our special guest this week is author, presenter and social historian Billy Kay, who argues...

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So what is all this raging fuss about pro-indy voters and the regional "list" vote? Perhaps in the absence of any inter-party tensions during the...

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Phantom Power and Newsnet contributor and author Christopher Silver published a pilot version of an online weekly politics and cultural show, The Sunday Review,...


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Review: Cee Smith on Girobabies' Mark and a spin-out album ‘Need the Characters’ is the solo album of Girobabies' frontman and all-round "guy who makes...


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The Right-Honourable Member for Maidenhead addresses non-Brits across the Kingdom  Dear freeloading co-habiters of our sceptr'd isle,  Something has gone buttock over tit with ... well,...

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Politically minded Scottish pantosphere enthusiasts had much to tickle their oxters this Yuletide: Ali Babble and the 40 listers (Falkirk), Wullie Rennie and the...

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Commentary by Citizen "Sir" F'tang F'tang Ole Biscuit Barrel, er-Cuddis, Knight of the Realm of Despondency that is Scotlandshire. Gordon Brewster's recent Politics Scotland interview with...

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Commentary by Fraser Wallace The Lendakari, or leader, of the Basque Government, Iñigo Urkullu, told the Spanish newspaper El Pais last week that 'in a globalised world, independence...

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When a cub reporter for Radio Shortbread’s four p.m Newsdrive programme misapplied the BBC’s quality control procedures, an unspun package believed to have been...
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Another great podcast: @DerekBateman2 @iaindocherty @mauricesmithtvi - - on Brexit, economics & a musical ending😀
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As Trump takes power, regular commentator @silverscotland reflects on a leader who seems all-too-ready to offend -
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Do Scots always have to know their place, wonders @DerekBateman2 - Next door to an elephant?
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Podcast: It's the Star Spangled Minger w/ @DerekBateman2 @iaindocherty @mauricesmithtvi as we go all presidential...
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Coming at 5pm: Our latest podcast, timed to coincide with events on Capitol Hill: with @DerekBateman2 @iaindocherty @mauricesmithtvi
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Two great commentaries now from @DerekBateman2 @silverscotland on Scottish history & Trump respectively: #indymedia stel zoekt man in Doetinchem


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By a Newsnet reporter The SNP has welcomed news that Scottish cities are punching above their weight in relation to what businesses contribute...

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Commentary by Derek Bateman Damn the separatists. They’re trying to destroy the country I love. They want to put up borders and divide us from...

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Russell Bruce presents his analysis of Theresa's May's much-vaunted speech on Europe, and asks what it really tells us about Tory Brexit strategy Lots of...

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