Glasgow Games tartan to be designed by pupils


The organisers of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games have launched a competition that will see the event’s official tartan – possibly used in branding, merchandise and ceremonies – designed by Scottish pupils.

With the deadline for entries set at June 17th, schools do not have long to register on the Glasgow 2014 Tartan Design Competition website. 

The tartans can be designed via an online ‘tartan generator’ on the site and each school is only permitted to submit one final design. 

John Scott, Chief Executive of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games said:

“We’re really looking forward to seeing the entries and ideas that are generated from the competition.”



  1. Thanks for the link thats another no.

    Just noticed the video clip at the right hand side and when I watched it I saw it was filmed by Newsnet Scotland, great idea dont know why it took me so long to notice it.

    Regarding the story above it’s a great idea to run this through schools for the kids to get invovlved in such a great event.

  2. A tartan designed by school kids, is this all the imagination the organising committee/Glasgow City Council posses?

    Being a graphic artist me be a very frustrating job, civil servants and quango mandarins under the impression that your work can be done just as well by children and tartan is a mandatory element. After all it is just drawing pictures and colouring in, isn’t it?


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