“Masters” video star says May the Fourth be with you…


YouTube indyref star Matthew Lygate has turned his talents to a support video for Newsnet.scot, joining our rolling appeal to raise funds to sustain the site.

Newsnet Video: The Force Awakens

Matthew – whose “Imperial Masters” spoof lampooning the visit of dozens of Labour MPs and peers to a referendum rally last summer attracted more than 250,000 views in a single day – created the video as part of a series that includes actress and campaigner Elaine C Smith.

At the weekend, Matthew was back to his pranks when he waylaid Labour activists at Tollcross swimming centre in Glasgow, to a Muppets soundtrack.

“I’m here to endorse the amazing work of Newsnet,” commented Matthew. “Thanks to Newsnet for all your hard work.”

Please support Newsnet: http://www.newsnet.scot/donate


  1. And a man whose antics have been grossly misrepresented by our useless media organs over the last 24 hours. Good work fella!

    • James Cook referred to them as ‘another Scotland’! Doesn’t it take more than a handful to make another Scotland? They were having a laugh and making fair comment about Iraq for example. Maybe if Reporting Scotland were to ask such questions, public protest would be less necessary.

  2. Headline :
    4 off justifiable anti austerity protesters, mobbed by ca 80 rabid BBC, ITV and MSM “Rent A Gub”, agency propaganda scribblers.

    Slaber candidte Mr Murphy and his co complainant, showbiz celeb Teddie “Giv’uz a kiss” Lizzard, have written to Chief Unionist Propaganda Guru, Peter Jones, demanding a full forensically, (Mr Murphy had difficulty saying that word), sound front page report, proving “It was Nats wot did it”.

    Police late last night went to Mr Murphy and formally advised him to s.b.a., (stoap bein’ an arse), but Mr Murphy insists it’s in his job description. Mr Lisard was advised to s.p.d (stoap playin’ wi’ dolls.)

  3. Note from the BBC, the Congraph, Daily Ranger,Daily Bile,The London Timid, ET’C.


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