Phantom Power: Planning an online TV take on culture and politics


Phantom Power and Newsnet contributor and author Christopher Silver published a pilot version of an online weekly politics and cultural show, The Sunday Review, earlier this month.

In the pilot, Christopher and the political commentator Iain Macwhirter discuss Scottish politics. Both are authors of recent books concerning the state of Scottish politics and democracy.

Phantom Power is seeking partners and sponsors for the venture, which is very happy to support. Watch it here:


Demanding Democracy: The Case for a Scottish Media by Christopher Silver

“With a few notable exceptions, the Scottish mainstream media has not been able to rise to the challenge presented by the growing self-determination movement. When it isn’t hopelessly biased towards a status quo that will never thank it for its efforts, it is cowed, apologetic and sinking rapidly in its own irrelevance. It needs a radical overhaul. This book not only reiterates why this has to happen, but also shows us how it might come to pass.” Irvine Welsh…

Tsunami by Iain Macwhirter

One of the UK’s most insightful political writers, Macwhirter examines the factors behind this result including the demise of the Labour Party in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP vision and leadership, the growing dissatisfaction with Westminster, and the enduring passion for independence. Tsunami ends with Macwhirter looking forward to ultimately consider where Scotland, and the UK, must go next.


  1. Very interesting conversation…..

    I wish you well in your endeavours…

    The Yes Aliance is still alive and well….

  2. This is a marvellous concept. I’ve just watched a professional interview where Iain Macwhirter is interviewed by Christopher Silver.

    The quality of picture and sound was first class, unlike many of the youtube efforts where often fine messages are lost because of poor video work and or poor sound quality.

    However not too many voters will sit through 44 minutes of too many interviews like this. I would hope that many of the future productions will show people how much London has changed since Scottish Oil and Gas Revenues began to flow into it.

    Or how Independent Norway has prospered through its Oil and Gas Revenues – they discovered their fields around the same time as we did.

    There is plenty of footage around showing London in the grip of a 3 day week with rubbish piled up everywhere as were bodies in morgues all over London and the south east, not to mention factories operating a three day week because they couldn’t afford the electricity to run them over 5 or 6 days.

    Words are great but nothing tells a story like pictures, preferably moving ones.

  3. What a refreshing idea for a newly Independent country – we support and encourage all countries of the World as they strive for Independence, except Scotland 🙁


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