Podcast: Who? What? Where? When? How?


Chilcott. Leadsom. Theresa May. Installing a clown as Foreign Secretary. The sacking of Michael Gove. Does the Westminster summer panto never end? Would we want it to? And what about Scotland?

All of these questions – or some of them – were addressed by Newsnet Radio regulars author and playwright Peter Arnott and ScotGoesPop blogger James Kelly as they and stand-in host Maurice Smith grappled with current events.

Maurice Smith
Maurice Smith

Harold Wilson’s observation that a week is a long time in politics has rarely been illustrated to be so true – remember that it’s actually only three weeks since that momentous Brexit vote that threatens to remove Britain from Europe and to cleave Scotland from Britain.

Are we closer to a second referendum on Scottish referendum, or not? What are we to make of new Prime Minister Theresa May’s trip to Edinburgh to meet First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Friday morning? What does it all mean? When shall we get back to “normal” and stop having to ask so many questions? Or is chaos the new normal in Scottish, British and European politics? Note too that Donald Trump is polling more strongly in the United States …

It all makes for a fascinating listen as our podcast group chew over the latest twists and turns. Click on the audio file above, or download the podcast at your leisure…

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  1. London wants to resolve its ‘Scottish Problem’ before negotiations begin in Bruxelles. Scotland currently is a
    part of the EU and it wants to remain a part of the EU. How does it play in Bruxelles if London prevents Scotland
    from holding a referendum on Independence to continue being part of the EU or using ‘strong arm tactics’to
    influence the outcome of the vote.

    SNP should continue with a multilateral approach, a bilateral approach with London just creates an abusive
    situation. Push comes to shove London needs access to the single market (in some form) more than it needs

  2. We must remember that the Tories,being used to a “union” where they call the shots,consider that all they have to do is turn up in Brussels and tell these foreigners how things are going to be.
    Politically,Euorope will be glad to see the back of them and will not do a deal which undermines the fundamental right of freedom of movement of people within the EEA.
    Also,the EU will want to send out a strong message that leaving the community comes at a price in order to discourage others who may be thinking of doing the same.
    If the UK is seen as being able to leave the political and social union but retain unfettered access to the market,questions will start to be asked in other EU member states about their position as well.
    Tough times ahead for Blighty.

  3. Scotland has a London problem.
    Overbearing Westminsterites with sense of entitlement cause havoc.
    We are no longer Better Together.
    London needs to get over it.

  4. The Tories have been dealing with the EUrocrats, one way or another, for 40 years. This won’t be totally alien to them or any other person at these levels.
    “Politically,Euorope will be glad to see the back of them” – I actually think you are right, there will be no-one else to challenge their ideas and policies, the French and Germans will now have it all their own way. Oh except for the rising opposition in their own countries where immigration is also becoming a wider issue.
    “Also,the EU will want to send out a strong message that leaving the community comes at a price in order to discourage others who may be thinking of doing the same.”
    Looks like you think the EU is a dictatorship. Once you have signed up, don’t dare leave or we will punish you.
    Well I reckon there will be other, smaller, countries looking at this with interest, such as The Netherlands for example, to see what the British can do for Free World Trade and whether life and trade is possible for EU countries without having to be governed by the EU politically.
    By the way, just as an aside to this discussion, there are currently 28 nations in the EU, so therefore 28 govt leaders, such as Cameron was. You would expect these people to be among the highest paid people in this political establishment. Apparently, back in 2010, there were around 1000 European civil servants who earned more than our PM. What those figures are like now I have no idea. But I found this link to be quite interesting, and a lot more up to date (http://euforus.blogspot.co.uk/2010/05/what-are-eurocrats-paid-and-how-does.html). If the figures in the link are to be believed thrn you can see why they don’t want the EU being scrapped or changed, hence maybe why they want to threaten nations if they try to leave.
    But I am no expert, I can only make my own decision based on what I read.

  5. What the EU are saying with regard to Westminster withdrawing from the EU pales into insignificance when compared with what London threatened us with should we have voted to leave them.
    If I remember correctly:

    Closed borders with armed police at the check points.
    Trade embargo.
    Airports bombed.
    No share of joint assets.
    Exclusion from any club that they didn’t approve of.
    and much much more.
    As they say…What goes around comes around.

  6. According to the bbc the number of Scottish jobs dependent on Trident is rising by 3000 every hour. Total currently stands at 1,224,000

  7. How does one download the podcast? I can’t see a link, but the article indicates I should be able to.


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