Podcast: Does Brexit invite a creative response?


Brexit threatens to undermine the economy, the constitution, and all of our lives in different ways. Is there anything to be said for it? Is there anything to be said for the issue that has dominated the Tory Party for decades, and now engulfs the whole of the UK?

Maurice Smith

How are our politicians responding? How are we responding? Podcast host Maurice Smith invited The National columnist Shona Craven – a new contributor to Newsnet Radio – and writer, activist and Newsnet columnist Christopher Silver to the studio to discuss all the implications, as well as the week’s political events in general.

The result is a thought-provoking discussion.

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  1. Am always amazed that anyone thinks that Corbyn WANTS to be elected into a position where he is going to be responsible for handling Brexit. Theresa May does not want to be in that position either, which is why we had her snap election. Neither of them wants to be remembered as the PM who oversaw the economic and cultural disaster about to fall on the UK when we leave the EU.
    Political fallout is the driver for all Westminster agendas; always has been, always will be.
    Good podcast. Thanks for this.


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