Podcast: Brexit, Scottish Labour and this week’s meaning of life



The popular Newsnet podcast is back! Apologies, but a spam attack led to unforeseen problems, which resulted in a “lost week” for the podcast.

Maurice Smith and podcast producer Amanda Mitchell

Now we’re back, with journalist Maurice Smith in the chair. His guest is Steven Purcell, for Labour politician turned business consultant, but still a keen observer of the political scene in Scotland.

They discussed the latest turn of events concerning Brexit, with Theresa May once more prostrating herself  in Brussels while her spin doctors pretend she’s in a powerful negotiating position. Then there’s Scottish Labour, which is witnessing a struggle between Anas Sarwar and Richard Leonard for the right to lead the party back into second place.

Who will win? Should we care?

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  1. I know there are various opinions in Scotland about independence but I did not expect a Labour campaign advertisement in an independence supporting website.

    • I was just about to leave the same comment.
      That was like listening to a Party Political broadcast for and by the Scottish Labour Party.
      I really do appreciate very much all the effort that goes into these podcasts, and it is beneficial to get all sides to a debate, but I don’t feel I learned anything from this podcast unfortunately.

  2. Purcell must live in a parallel universe if he thinks Corbyn is the saviour of Scottish Labour. A branch office can never deliver for Scotland

  3. Wow, I agree with the previous comments. That was a bit hard to listen to with this Labour mouth piece given almost free reign to spout empty platitudes and future fantasies with little or no attempt by the host to hold him to account and in generally I prefer to hear all sides discuss and debate rather than a few like minded hacks sound off in their own little bubble…

    I’ve listened to this dude a few times previously on these podcasts and for a former Labour Glasgow council leader (maybe should consider removing that from CV) he at least appeared to have carried out a little introspection on the decades long failings of his party – it now appears that following a poll or 2 showing Labour doing a bit better that’s gone out the window and this just smacked of ‘party before the people, Scotland is ours’ Labour britnattery creeping back.

    ‘…Empire 2.0, well I hope the empire does strike back’.

    Did I really just hear that? I’ve listened to that part a few times thinking it was perhaps a joke but just can’t tell, the host seems to unconvincingly agree and quickly moves on…

    Just wait until post Brexit and the leaders of ’empire 2.0′ sell us all out to every American industrial complex for some piss poor deal that keeps only the UK elite happy and the rest of us too wee, too poor people in perpetual servitude. How is Labour going to save us all at that point? Corbyn hasn’t even managed to clear his own party of the Blairites after 2 years of being leader, how can he ever get anything of actual note done?

    I know these podcasts are informal and more of a friendly discussion than a debate or interview but why didn’t the host push back and challenge at least some of the comments being made here? There were plenty of opportunities to call out and remind all of the complete and utter failings of the modern day Labour party.

  4. I also agree with the comments above. A very disappointing podcast, actually. I struggle to see how this pro-labour podcast fits at all in a pro-independence website like this to be quite frank. All what this guest could think about was Britain, Britain and more Britain, London, conservatives, labour, Corbyn, Corbyn and more Corbyn.
    Empire? Commonwealth? The Express? London Times? Aligning ourselves with America? Scotland, really?
    I think this is an ideal podcast for a British nationalist pro-labour audience, not for a pro-Scottish independence audience.
    This man talks about brexit and no deal without any mention whatsoever of the fact that Scotland did not vote for Brexit and I have to say, I find incredibly irritating this detachment and ignorance of Scottish Labour politicians/members for the will of the Scottish people. You could listen to this podcast anywhere in England and you would be forgiven for thinking that it was recorded in England for an English audience and not in Scotland for a Scottish audience.
    What kind of economic Britain we are facing? Who cares. What kind of economic Scotland is what I am worried about, particularly because it will be inflicted by Mr Purcell’s Britain where Scotland’s democratic will can be overruled and brushed under the carpet when it is inconvenient. Bizarrely, there is no acknowledgement of this. It is almost as if for this man Scotland doesn’t actually exist, unless of course he is referring to the Branch leader election of potential seats for Labour in elections.
    I couldn’t face listening to the whole podcast, I am afraid. I gave up when they started talking about Labour resurgence and that the SNP will go down to single figures ‘because of indiref2’. I am sorry but I am not interested in labour party publicity nor in anti-independence propaganda.
    Labour are staunch British nationalists that have done everything in their power to stop Scotland’s self determination. Corbyn is no different. So why the infatuation with labour by pro-independence sites like this? Labour and Scottish independence are incompatible, so why giving them the oxygen of publicity? It feels that everywhere we look Labour and its pro-British nationalism is being rammed down our throats we want it or not.
    Well, I for one refuse to open my mouth.


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