Podcast: An election, cor blimey and luv a duck


Cor blimey, turn your back for an instant and before you know it that Theresa May’s gone and called an election! What’s that all about? Didn’t she say there was no need for one until after she’s led Blighty to glorious Brexit negotiation victory?

Derek Bateman

Anyway rest assured she certainly doesn’t think there’s any need for a Scottish independence referendum. Why, that would be a needless distraction for a government that should get on with its day job. In fact perhaps all the opposition should just get on with knitting or whatever, while Mrs May concentrates on her day job as Head of Brexit.

Yes, it’s been another week on Animal Farm. The farm we used to call the UK, where everyone stuck together and whistled the Dambusters theme while getting on with our work as, er, bankers and property speculators and well, whatever really as long as it wasn’t hard work and involved trade unions.

Podcast host Derek Bateman called on the assistance of regular guests, playwright and author Peter Arnott and journalist and TV producer Maurice Smith, to work out what on earth has been going on.

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  1. The theme to Colditz took me straight back to the 70s and the memory of “Colditz is finished and I’ve still not done my o grade maths homework”
    I’ve a sinking feeling the Tories are going to hoover up the pre Blair Labour vote which could give them nearly 30% up here and maybe 10 seats. Imagine how the unionists would spin that?
    The only way that could countered would be the snp manifesto containing the scenario that a vote for indy MUST be held for a simple majority of seats (30). I know they’re sticking to the line the mandate is already in place from the Scottish election last year but you just know a Tory advance in Scotland for the first time since 1979 will stiffen May’s resolve further.
    A double mandate for indy ref will negate any triumphalism of a certain loss of votes/seats which is surely going to happen after that incredible night 2 years ago.
    Keep up the great work on here. Provides an antidote to the skull crushing depression induced by listening to the msn.


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