Podcast: The EU debate at a time of shock and tragedy


The murder of Labour MP Jo Cox last Thursday has raised many issues relating to the tone of political debate and the role of politicians in society.

The late Jo Cox MP
The late Jo Cox MP

This week’s podcast – recorded shortly after the event and the initial public reaction – considers the fall-out from the shocking turn of events during a campaign that has been notable for its vicious exchanges in the media and out on the campaign trail.

Two of Newsnet’s regular commentators – blogger James Kelly of ScotGoesPop and writer Christopher Silver – joined Newsnet Radio podcast host Derek Bateman in the wake of the Cox murder and before the appearance in court of the man arrested soon afterwards by West Yorkshire police.

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  1. Some clear statement from some senior politicians in the EU states of Scotland’s prompt ascension as a separate state could harm the Leave campaign. If the English population and those voting Leave in Scotland will be forced to accept certain points. Vote leave and you are putting pressure on Scotland to go with the EU and showing you don’t really care that much about the continuation of the UK. Also it will widen the gap between the current conditions that people know and a future that no one is certain how things will unfold.
    The again you are dealing with a population mostly made up of people like those who said I made up the number “billions”.

  2. Juiciest time for politics in my lifetime. #indyref, now #euref, then #indyref2 then #eufudgeref.

    Don’t doubt that a fudge is possible. The UK will try to stay glued together as will the EU. Scotland should (I hope) take #indyref2 and unglue itself before England panicks and #eufudgeref happens.

    Can we discuss the impact of 50% of England suddenly being severely let down? Will England get better (a’la SNP surge) or worse .. ugh .. UKIP surge.


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