Podcast: First reactions to Theresa May’s self inflicted poll


Well well well…. welcome to 1974 or thereabouts. A dithering Tory PM. Undue influence awarded to a belligerent set of Ulster Unionists. Europe. Where to go next…

Maurice Smith

In the wake of the election result, three weary chaps gathered at Newsnet HQ to chew it all over and spit out some analysis. We invited others, but some threw sickies and others found paying jobs in the studios of the major broadcasters who probably paid them in curly sandwiches and coffee sludge.

Regular host Derek Bateman was joined by the redoubtable Prof Murray Pittock (pictured, top)and journalist and documentary producer Maurice Smith. Here’s the trio’s first take on what it all means for Treeza, Nicla and everyone else….

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  1. Thanks to everyone for this excellent dispassionate discussion on Scotland, the election result, the effects of the Brexit legacy and lack of articulation which leaves lots of food for thought. Once the results of the election are digested, I hope the SNP will quickly utilise the undoubted talents and communication skills of Alex Salmond to get back some of what seems to be getting lost. His wisdom and capacity to explain in simple terms was a great asset to the SNP. During his tenure, his backroom team were also really on the ball. Some major refreshment is called for I think.

  2. Time for Nicola to appoint a Cabinet Secretary for Independence and use the next two years or so to explain how we can live as if we are already independent in what we do and the decisions we make as ordinary citizens, councillors and ministers.

    The Scottish government has huge under used powers to make Scotland radically different and change the consequence and effect of every power reserved to Westminster by the imaginative use of legislation, influence and people power.

    The secret to winning over a majority of Scots is to keep control of the agenda and be bold

  3. Some spokespersons in the SNP are widely reported in the press as suggesting that independence lost the party seats….if this is true they should go. Dissing the core element in the party’s credo is heresy.
    The SNP was smug and rather incompetent. It seemed caught out by the snap election. Not so Ruth Davidson who effectively is the dark star of this election. The rise of neo-Unionism is a phenomenon that party intelligence ought to have predicted. This is no mere passing whim, it has the capacity to destroy us.

  4. Interesting discussion. A time for reflection is needed, perhaps the time has come for Alex Salmond to retire. Time to listen why so many people became anti SNP, anti independence or anti having a Scottish solution.


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