Podcast: GERS and Scottish economic prospects


Yes, this week witnessed “GERSmas”, the annual frenzy that accompanies the economic figures that mean all things to everyone as soon as they are released.

Derek Bateman

GERS – Government Expenditure and Revenues, Scotland — is an attempt by civil service statisticians to show much tax is raised in Scotland by Government bodies, and how much public money is actually spent here.Always controversial and hotly disputed, the GERS figures became the focus of debate during and after the independence referendum campaign.

Podcast regular host Derek Bateman invited Dr Craig Dalzell, an economist and co-authot of various Common Weal papers on the subject, to explain GERS and discuss their implications. The results, as ever, are fascinating and particularly to independence supporters in Scotland.

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  1. A treat to listen to a good-natured and well-informed discussion. Thank you both. And since you had your discussion, even odder things are emerging about Brexit!

  2. So, a Bateman debate posing as being about the GERS report is basically a Jezza slagging-fest with a bit of a Tory slag-fest thrown in. Wishy-washy stuff.

  3. If we are a United Kingdom made up of equal partners why are the GERS figures only for Scotland , Wales , Nothern Ireland and then the UK as a whole and do not give separate figures for England .
    Seems like a sow watching what her piglets are taking and contributing to the sty.


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