Podcast: The great Labour / Tory / Brexit crisis, discussed

Peter Arnott

Another week in Scottish politics, another Scottish Labour upheaval with the abrupt resignation of erstwhile leader Kezia Dugdale.

Derek Bateman

Another week in British politics came with more revelations of Tory malice / incompetence, not least in the UK Government’s cack-handed and unlovely handling of the so-called Brexit “negotiations”.

Another week in American politics and … no, no that’s enough nonsense without adding Trumpets (reddit!)…

Our regular podcast has Derek Bateman summoned renowned Scottish author and playwright Peter Arnott and journalist and producer Maurice Smith to read the tea-leaves – before promptly accusing them of being a pair of softies when they revealed Kezia sympathies… there’s just no pleasing some people. Have a listen, anyway…

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  1. You all need to realise that fundamentally there are two factions
    The unionists, also known as the establishment or more correctly the Regime consist of Regime labour, Regime tory and Regime lib dems versus Scottish National Party. Trying to work out how to help “regime labour” resurect itself is not really helpful to the YES campaign.
    We can have a left and right faction after independence.

    • labour in Scotland has an obsession with british nationalism more so than helping poor and vulnerable members of our society.

      We see currently the uk will not and most likely can not, look after poor and vulnerable people because of the way sosiety is structured and rewarded economically. In other words too few have an obscene amount of wealth and those who are managing are reluctant to pay more for public service and looking after those who are poor and vlunerable. Poor and vulnerable people do not have a say or choice, they get given, or not given in many cases, what those who support the status quo deem they should be given.

      The YES movement, headed by the SNP changed this dramatically and gave hope to poor and vulnerable people.

      If it is not completely obvious, tories and labour do not want to provide hope or aspiration for poor and vulnerable people, each of these parties has a reasons for keeping people downbeat, it’s at the core of their relationship with each other and how they run the uk jointly, I’ll scratch your back,……….

      YES movement is the key, let’s give hope back to less fortunate people, not to do so would be criminal!

      We ned to get the YES movement up and running now, give people hope and something to look forward to.

  2. The only party who care about the working class is the SNP they have proved it with free prescriptions free education for students free care for the elderly free hospital car parking and no tolls on bridges labour would never have given us any of these things aye the people’s party aye which people???those great socialists and champions of the people Lord MACONNELL AND lord Kinnoch showed labours true colours they never tried to change the establishment as was their founding manifesto they became part of it and helped to maintain it MACONNELL sent money back to Westminster saying he could think of anything to spend it on while some people including children were living in poverty I hope they get there additional rewards in hell


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