Podcast: How’s it all hanging in Trumpland?


We invite two leading Yes figures, bloggers James Kelly (ScotGoesPop!) and Paul Kavanagh (WeeGingerDug) and what happens? Donald Trump gets elected that’s what.

Paul Kavanagh
Paul Kavanagh

Still reeling from the Great Ginger Dumpling’s Washington triumph, James and Paul got together with regular host Derek Bateman to try and dissect how it happened, what happens next, and what it might all mean for Scotland, Britain, Brexit, the EU and everything else that sprang to mind.

The truth of course is that no-one really knows what happens next. The year that brought us Brexit, and now Trump, may eventually lead to the fabled IndyRef2, in which both of this week’s guests have more than a passing interest.

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  1. Wind turbines are hardly “trivial” when the state consents for them to be placed right next to your business. I have seen property values collapse in many such cases and business becoming less competitive. Trump has always had a valid point in this regard.

    Sturgeon (and Salmond) should really resign now, after placing her own personal pc neoliberal beliefs ahead of and hence jeopardising the fundamental party objective. To insult other heads of state like this, and especially the US President, who is also half-Scottish and has major business investments here is just not on. She shuid be black affrontit wi hersel.

    Commentators including these twa are increasingly getting things wrong. They did not ‘get’ Brexit or Trump or indeed the rather obvious failure of SNPx2 which was always going to be a guaranteed shoe in for unionist list MSPs and heralded the resurgence of Tories at Holyrood and a minority independence gov as well. Contrary to what they say/think, and given their record on predictions, I would imagine there is actually a great deal of support in Scotland for President Trump. Remember, maist Yes voters want independence first and foremost, and not necessarily the SNP’s woolly pc neoliberal policies on aw ither stuff.

    • Alf, with all due respect, what you’ve said about me is the polar opposite of the truth. I did not predict that the SNP would win a majority in May. I did not predict Remain would win. I did not predict that Clinton would win. In each and every case, I actually said there was a danger the opposite would happen (and I was heavily criticised and mocked for warning that the SNP might fall short). Check the archive of my blog if you don’t believe me.

      • Thanks James, but I did not say anything about you not predicting a majority. However I do seem to recall you went big on ‘SNPx2’ prior to last May’s Holyrood election despite the fact Yessers like masel were busy explaining why this was flawed, as it turned out to be, with almost c. 1m second votes largely wasted.

        • Er, nope. I never used the term “SNPx2” (although bizarrely I was constantly accused of having done so), but if what you mean is that I pointed out that the SNP were in danger of losing their majority because siren voices like yourself were telling SNP voters that they could afford to use the list ballot as a kind of “second preference” vote, then yes, that’s what I did. I was self-evidently correct to do so. The SNP list vote fell by 2.3% in May. It doesn’t take Einstein to work out that a party is likely to do less well on the list if fewer people vote for that party on the list. People heeded the likes of you rather than the likes of me, and unfortunately that allowed the unionist media to portray the election as being a success for the Tories rather than the SNP. I would have hoped that such a bruising experience might have finally led some people to learn the obvious lesson, but apparently not.

          • Most Yessers took the SNPx2 line you advocated, they did not heed the “likes of” me. Hence we ended up with the Tory opposition.

          • Ach, sure now James, Alf was only takin a Rise when he e was trying to persuade people to use their second preference for something other than the SNP. As Bruce Forsythe would say didn’t he do well. But all of that aside, he’s bang on the money about President Trump

  2. Is there a reason why there’s no direct download link on these podcasts? I’d love to listen but the level of my TECH doesn’t permit the ways offered

  3. When the 3 best Indy bloggers confer in a podcast it’s bound to be interesting. When they seem perplexed then we must be in a right old state!

  4. The 3 best Indy bloggers (and everyone else ) are somewhat perplexed because it’s all waxing a wee bit “Rumsfeldian”.


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