Podcast: After last year, who dares predict what 2017 will bring?


A lost majority for the SNP… then Brexit…now Trump… Who dares to predict what 2017 might bring, after all that? Surely only a fool would even attempt to do so?

Luckily, Newsnet Radio found a few such fools and ordained them the task of ruminating through the tea-leaves of the year that’s past, and making some bold predictions for the one that’s ahead.

Podcast host Derek Bateman was joined by CommonSpace editor and Sunday Herald columnist Angela Haggerty, playwright and author Peter Arnott, and columnist and producer Maurice Smith, all of them challenged to make sense of the madness. It’s fair to say they made a decent fist of it, although the lessons of the recent past probably dissuaded them from making firm forecasts (ever again? Ed.)

Clockwise from top: Haggerty, Bateman, Arnott, Smith.
Clockwise from top: Haggerty, Bateman, Arnott, Smith.

Together the quartet share their angst about the past, present and the future in a discussion featuring several megs culpas, some bad jokes, and a notable impassioned plea on behalf of millennials from Angela. Yes, it is truly a cornucopia of political analysis, incorporating incorrigible optimism and desperate near-despair as the group assess what it all means for Scotland, the UK, Europe, the world and possibly the universe. In other words, a great start to our 2017 series of Newsnet podcasts.

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  1. I found this a fascinating discussion, especially Angela’s comments on predicting our future global and social systems with upcoming climate change forced migrations, employment automation, universal basic income etc and how Scotland under independence promises to be much more able to adapt to these enforced changes. I can’t see how the UK Gov, with its archaic structure and its inflexible political construct, could ever cope with these wide-ranging, unstoppable global manifestations. Scotland, where climate change issues may have less impact, is uniquely placed to offer home to many more people as we have plenty spare land that will become increasingly more accessible as transport technology in the form of personal drones, for example, takes off. It certainly does not need to be doom and gloom in our utopian future, but the journey is more than likely to have some major crises and consequences along the way as most of the world political leaders and established governments appear to be in constant denial of attempting to foresee the need to embrace the changes necessary.

  2. As usual ….. great input & analysis.

    My own thoughts on Nicola’s “apparent” reversal on Independence is that she will not call InyRef2 until she knows
    exactly the terms of Brexit ….. the Poker analogy of why go “all in” until you’ve seen the ‘flop’ comes to mind.

    If the terms of exit are detrimental to the UK in general & Scotland in particular, then the FM has the ‘suited strait’ to take to the Scottish electorate in terms of a second Referendum.

    One could, with due reference, compare this period in time to that of the “Phoney War” of September ’39 to June ’40, nobody knew what would happen and everybody hoped nothing would happen ……………… then all Hell broke loose !!!!

  3. What a great discussion. And Angela, you are a star. Now I’ve got some ideas of how to talk with friends about the complexities of lives now, without terrifying them into paralysis. I hope you don’t mind me pinching your ideas!
    (Gets out credit card to donate)

  4. Wings over Scotland predicted the events of 2016 correctly. The split the vote campaign that Common Space, Bella Caledonia and Sunday Herald promoted lead to reduce number of SNP MSPs,.Trump as President and Brexit. Got them all right.

  5. Polls aren’t moving? Angela is not seeing that there are a staggeringly little real polls done on ‘indyref2’ as a choice of ‘Yes/No’. Plenty on ‘do you want another referendum’ which is not the same thing. Council test coming, will be a much more revealing ‘poll’ than any of the artificial ones.

    City of London … I am sitting looking at the Gherkin! Its going to happen, they are already moving. This is like an avalanche, the EUvote was a gun going off. Slowly its growing – uncertainty is appallingly damaging to the City. 18 months from now is when extreme pain hits. Its just not getting reported.

    BBC? C’mon – its so brutally Tory, so overwhelmed by events … so enamoured of its rightest of pundits.

    Art 50. Done dusted, and triggered – has to go through – Next GE = May 2019 or snap GE. Scotland fully screwed by massive Tory majority. May would love that majority and mandate – to do anything she wants – they would be her MPs.

    Project Ruth on BBC and media is the ‘draw’ for the Blairite Labour people still believing in soft capitalism. They forget that she’s attached to Tory hell down south.

    #indyref2 – has to have run-in. But the real run in now is actually the NI elections triggered by McGuinness’ resignation (post this podcast). A lot more interesting.

  6. I think IndyRef2 will be in 2018 even if brexit has not officially ended its negotiations. The bbc has to be fought. Don’t pay the bbc tax. N Ireland will be interesting too.

  7. The Herald story about a referendum in 2017 was a huge red herring.

    Nicola Sturgeon would be unwise to say so, but it would seem ludicrous to call IndyRef2 before seeing the outcome of the Catalan referendum that Carles Puigdemont announced for this year.

    A yes vote and a potential unilateral declaration of independence – and how that was received in the international community – would have obvious lessons and set precedents relevant to Scottish independence.


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