Podcast: Making sense of all the madness…


Was this the week we all realised that things might change and never be the same again?

Philip Hammond doesn’t care about the self-employed. Theresa May doesn’t care about EU citizens living in Blighty. The unelected, undemocratic House of Lords are making a stand for, er, democracy. According to some commentators, Scotland is closer to independence, and the clock is ticking on a united Ireland.

Who’d have thunk it? Podcast host Derek Bateman  welcomed author and playwright Peter Arnott (pictured) and journalist and documentary producer Maurice Smith to the Newsnet studio to try and make sense of it all, on condition that nobody would mention D*n*ld Tr*mp. It very nearly worked…

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  1. There is no pro Union argument in the debate about independence for Scotland. The Union is simply the given, so why change it? There is a strong gut appeal with repeated displays of union flags appearing on more and more items and repeated GREAT BRITISH bake-offs, menus, etc etc. There is a repeated – repeated for decades- message of too wee and no very good, of subsidy junkies. These things seep into psyches.
    It will not matter that all the claims, warnings and promises made in the 2014 campaign have proven substantially vacuous and mendacious. They will just be repeated ad nauseam and go unchallenged by the mainstream media. There will probably be a CRISIS which threatens the existence of us all like WMD in Iraq.
    The biggest impediment to YES is the uncertainty both of independence and what exit from the EU will entail as well as the instability threatened by the election of D*n*ld Tr*mp in the USA. An awful lot of people will stay with ‘the devil they know’. I remember an interview in 1992 with an elderly woman who was critical about every aspect of the previous 13 years of Conservative government; she had not a single good word to say. When she was asked who she was voting for, she said, “Conservative, of course.” And why? ‘They got us into this mess so they must be made to clear it up.”
    However, while many people are troubled by the uncertainty, they are not fools. Many can see who has been responsible for much of the current situation, and, in Scotland, at least, are beginning to drift towards changing, because, to parody new Labour, “things can only get worse'” under the present Westminster Government.
    I have hope in the young and a hope that the YES-voting old codgers like me have a lower mortality rate than the NO ones.

  2. AM, fair comment, with one issue – I still regard myself as a “young codger”, whatever that is – I’m down to my last 25 laps around the Sun 😉


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