Podcast: Patrick Grady MP on that Brexit ‘debate’

Patrick Grady MP

Well, if Scotland was under any illusions about its place in the “Mother of Parliaments”, they were shattered during the past week’s bizarre days and nights of debate on the triggering of Brexit under Theresa May’s Tory Government.

That’s certainly the view of the SNP MPs who filed 50 varied and ultimately unsuccessful amendments to the government’s Bill, itself presented only after Mrs May was forced to do so by the Supreme Court. The Government response was – to say the least – hostile.

Glasgow North MP Patrick Grady visited the Newsnet Radio studio to recount his week in Parliament, and the impressions he gained, to our regular podcast host, Derek Bateman. This was a week where Scottish interests on Europe were cast aside by a Government bent on a so-called “hard Brexit”, and unwilling to make exceptions for Scotland. The independent Fraser of Allander Institute estimates that a hard Brexit will cost 80,000 Scottish jobs. So the question for Scottish MPs now is: What next?

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  1. “A Common’s performer”. Says it all really. The 56 are wasting their time and Scotland’s time, more interested in process in the EVEL parliament than Scotland’s nationhood.. They’d rather take the unionist shilling than tak thair ain naition bak, as they surely can, now, sitting there with 95% of Scotland’s MP’s.

    • 96% of the MP’s…. on slightly less that 50% of the vote, oh and a resounding “NO” to independence delivered by one of the largest turnouts ever still ringing in their ears. That would be just about the dumbest way to get independence possible and would almost certainly tip us down the road to serious civil unrest and worse.

      No matter how you cut it, forcing independence onto Scots when around half (or more) don’t actually support it is not a good recipe for a stable successful country.

      • How about reversing that pearl of wisdom to the beginning of this charade of a ‘union’, i.e. :

        “forcing (the union) onto Scots when (the overwhelming majority of people) don’t actually support it is not a good recipe for a stable successful country”

        And if proof were needed, here we are, almost 310 years later, still questioning the illusion of a ‘union dividend’ as well as Scotland’s diminished colonial status in the eyes of the rest of the world, most of whom have since moved on from colonial oppression and now live in their own independent nations.

      • Barney Ross…keep telling yourself there is no support for independence….or are you just reading MSM and listening to your WM masters?…join the party Barney, its so uplifting and enlightening….

  2. I wish you would make these podcasts downloadable.

    My Android phone doesn’t work well with the player you embed – I can’t pause, so if I need to do something else for a minute, I miss what’s said. I can’t scroll back to places that I’ve missed, and sometimes I can’t even stop the player except by turning of my phone. The Buzzsprout link doesn’t work on my Android phone either – it comes up with a Google reader error. I know I could make this all work somehow, and I dare say I will try, but will everyone? I doubt it.

    Why aren’t these podcasts downloadable? It’s a genuine question. I know Michael Greenwell manages to do this, and I listen to all the podcasts he creates. He simply has a link to the mp3 file. Why can’t you do that?

    I note that Leslie Riddoch seems to be the same as yourselves. I have similar troubles with hers.

  3. Another complacen smug individual in a Westminster bubble…’making them look ridiculous’….who’ is he talking about? the SNP or the whole place? Singing and whistling ‘Ode to Joy’….don’t make me grue!…Time to stop the merry go round and get off and come home to start the days of a better nation now.

    • They should “come home” Lochside, not least because the constitutional reality is that the UK ceases to exist whenever England or Scotland becomes independent. Therefore, the entity that became an EU member (i.e. the UK ‘state’) would no longer exist, only the successor states would exist. Thus, England (post end of the UK ‘state’) may take England out of the EU, but it cannot take Scotland out of the EU. Which means that the SNP x 56, holding as they do the sovereign will of the Scottish people, have a material choice to make prior to any Art.50 EU withdrawal by the current UK ‘state’. The SNP x 56 not only hold the power to make Scotland independent, now, today; they also hold the power to retain EU membership for Scotland, should they so wish. The constitutional reality is that Scotland does not have to be ‘dragged over a Brexit cliff’ by the UK, more especially if the UK no longer exists.

      • “Thus, England (post end of the UK ‘state’) may take England out of the EU, but it cannot take Scotland out of the EU. Which means that the SNP x 56, holding as they do the sovereign will of the Scottish people, have a material choice to make prior to any Art.50 EU withdrawal by the current UK ‘state’. ”

        I like the sound of that. Do you have any evidence to verify that assertion? Just curious as it’s something I’d take to my MP…

        • Former Ambassador Craig Murray, who is broadly arguing the same, cites some evidence here – https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2017/02/tories-tread-dangerous-path/

          Westminster politicians have always acknowledged (and regularly taunted) that if the Scottish ‘nationalists’ ever won a majority of Westminster seats in Scotland then that would be de facto independence, i.e. independence is there for the taking. What is required thereafter is for that majority of Scotland’s elected MP’s to re-establish the (real) Scottish Parliament, and to pass an Act abolishing the union of UK parliaments, at least as far as Scotland is concerned. That essentially mirrors the 1707 process in reverse, which created the UK parliament when a majority of Scottish MP’s voted for it, and makes Scotland again an independent state. What England does is essentially a matter for them.

          • You might also wish to take this to your MP, who may think he is simply there to deal with constituency matters:

            No nation depends on seeking permission from another nation to be independent; nations assert their own independence. Moreover, the Claim of Right (recent and past) declares the sovereignty of the Scottish people, not the sovereignty of any UK parliament, joint or otherwise. Scotland’s nationhood does not, never has, and never could depend on the whim of 600 or so MP’s from other nations. Scotland’s sovereignty is for the moment vested in Scotland’s MP’s to do as they think best, in the interests of Scotland. If they think it best for Scotland to become independent, prior to the UK’s Art.50 withdrawal from the EU, then constitutionally they have every right to do so.

    • Agreed. I can’t figure out why they persist on playing games with our future in the English parliament.

      When discussing their future actions, Mr. Grady kept referring to the Scottish Government and Parliament which means the Scottish (SNP) MPs see their power as directly derivable from those institutions. Thus, have a vote in the Scottish Parliament and depending on the democratic result either withdraw the MPs and get a delegation to the UN pronto quick style or dissolve the Scottish Parliament as it’s irrelevant.

      Frankly, if it’s the latter that pans out, I can’t wait to see these British Labour/LibDem Unionists in Scotland start bitching and crying that their kids are burdened with mountains of unpayable debt from tuition fees that their parties voted for and when all the OAPs goodies like free prescriptions, bus passes and a public NHS vanish it’ll be schadenfreude fest big time for me.

  4. Full highland dress next time – if you have to hang up your swords before entering the house then much time can be taking divesting of claymore; sword; dirk; sgian dhubh and ladle – make sure you keep your spurtles

  5. when the united kingdom parliament voted to bring a devolved parliament to Edinburgh the mistake it made was letting the Scottish members vote on this.
    because they are the Scottish executive and their vote returns the original 1707 parliament back to Scotland.
    At this point you can have English votes for English laws as the united kingdom is kaput.

  6. There is no point bringing back SNP MPs from Westminster – at the moment! Timing is everything to get the most impact of SNP MPs ditching Westminster. Won’t be long now, though.

  7. I wish Patrick Grady had felt able to be a bit forthcoming on a few of the questions that Derek put to him. He waffled on what his constituents thought, his views on withdrawal (from Westminster) were anodyne, and otherwise he is too engaged with Westminster and not enough with converting ‘No’ voters to what is, frankly, a ’cause’.

    It was also extremely odd to hear anyone of an SNP persuasion stand up for Gordon Brown. My thoughts about that man are unprintable!


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