Podcast: Author Peter Lynch on the referendum trail


How was the 2014 independence referendum for you? It might seem a strange question, but academic and Yes campaigner Dr Peter Lynch has been reflecting on the local campaign he supported, in Edinburgh West.

Now he has a new book, IndyRef to ScotRef, Campaigning for Yes, which details his impressions of that campaign ( which failed as Edinburgh West voted strongly No in 2014).

He recalls the pride and partnerships that grew among activists as they leafletted, doorstepped voters and organised local events. And he draws a few conclusions about what went wrong, and what the YUes campaign might do better next time.

Peter discussed the book and the campaign with Newsnet host Derek Bateman and journalist and producer Maurice Smith in a conversation that also embraced the Catalan crisis, sexism in politics and the week’s events.

IndyRef to ScotRef, Campaigning for Yes, by Dr Peter Lynch; published by Welsh Academic Press.

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  1. I think it is naïve to believe that EU leaders will stand up for liberal democracy. They are instinctively authoritarian. Look how ruthlessly they crushed Greece in 2015.


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