Podcast: Reflections on a week of gestures and symbols

epa05880249 A handout photo made available by on 31 March 2017 by the Scottish Government showing Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon in Bute House, Edinburgh, Scotland, 30 Mach 2017, working on final draft of Section 30 letter to British Prime Minister Theresa May. The Section 30 letter is the formal approach for a section 30 order - the mechanism for the powers to hold a referendum. The Scottish Parliament on 28 March 2017 voted 69 to 59 in favour of seeking permission for an independence referendum to take place between autumn 2018 and spring 2019. EPA/SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT HANDOUT HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES

It has been a strange week of gestures and symbols. Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon met in Glasgow, agreeing to disagree, before the Scottish Parliament went on to support a request to approve a second referendum on independent.

Dear Santa…

That vote, carried by 69 to 59 as the Scottish Greens supported the SNP, was immediately followed by Mrs May’ rejection. The next day she finally wrote her letter resigning the UK from the UE (Article 50), and Ms Sturgeon promptly wrote a letter to Mrs May asking for a vote (Section 30). Her office even issued a helpful photo to match the Prime Minister’s.

Intrigued? Podcast host Derek Bateman invited Yes blogger James Kelly of ScotGoesPop! to discuss what it all means.

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  1. 128 votes and the difference of only six would have changed it. How pathetic. Barely enough. The 59 cowards representing Scotland who would rather have Westminster throwing them crumbs and dictating policy to Scots rather than Scots.

    • “The 59 cowards representing Scotland”

      I initially thought you were referring to Scotland’s 59 MP’s, but I see you mean MSP’s. The SNP x 56 MP’s can call time on the union any time they wish, ending it constitutionally the same way it began, i.e. through a majority of Scottish MP’s. Even Mrs. Thatcher accepted that eventuality.

  2. Cannae understand it either, Bryan – as an old goat, I was part of the 51% or so that voted “YES” in ’79 – the United Kingdom of London insists that we are already Independent to do what we’re told, while they squander our remaining assets on vanity projects benefiting the United Kingdom of London – makes me greet 🙁

  3. In my opinion Europe should be helping Scotland to stay in the EU.
    Britain did not join the EU. The United Kingdoms joined, ( notice the plural). Two independent countries, one not dominated by the other. England voted to leave the EU Scotland did not.

    • Most EU decision makers, much like our Tory maisters, choose to ignore the fact that the UK is a treaty-based union, much like the EU itself in that sense. All that Scotland’s 56 x SNP MP’s need do is write a letter to Mrs. May ‘triggering’ Scotland’s exit from the UK union; 18 months for negotiation soonds aboot richt.

    • Don’t forget Wales though it appears to be much weaker than Scotland when it comes to having fortitude for independence. I don’t think Wales will ever return to an independent sovereign country. So the UK will be England and Wales. And what about John Bull’s Northern Ireland? They’re sorta caught between a rock and a hard place. They don’t want to be part of the Republic but they want to stay in the EU. And England has been dominating Scotland for several hundred years. There’s the Scots, there’s the English and then there’s the royals of both who never really gave a rat’s arse for their people. ‘Bargained and sold’ They signed the declaration and sold out their country for their own self gain. ‘A parcel of rogues in a nation’. Where do people think these songs and stories came from? Scots have been betrayed so often they think that’s the norm. And even now, Scots don’t seem to understand their place in the UK as subservient to Westminster, not equals. It’s way past time for Scotland to take back their sovereignty as a people yet I’m so underwhelmed by the number who wish not to and just remain the same.

  4. I think the assumption that the BBC where trying to balance the daily the coverage of both Yes and No campaigns, is not true, the BBC were clearly biased towards the No side and they still are.

  5. Nobody just say “it’s propaganda”, straight State sponsored propaganda. That people like Sarah Smith is a party sponsored hiring, linked directly to the British State and clearly demonstrates she knows she is a propagandist.

  6. Hearing Derek apologise for the BBC yet again gives me the boak. They do it deliberately Derek mate dinnae give us your shite


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