Podcast: Scottish Labour and its limited options

Angela Haggerty


It has been a funny old week for the Labour Party in Scotland.

Maurice Smith

While the UK wonders if it might actually elect Jeremy Corbyn to be Prime Minister, Scottish delegates spent the party conference in Brighton sharpening their knives as their leadership campaign became publicly divisive.

Who will win the leadership, and does it matter? Newsnet Radio host Derek Bateman invited Common Space editor and media commentator Angela Haggerty and journalist and producer Maurice Smith to read the runes.

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  1. Blackpool?
    It may be all the same to you, but having previously been English I can assure you there’s a chasm of difference between Brighton and Blackpool!

  2. After comments on Catalonia today by leading members of labour in Scotland in support of the Spanish goverments actions in stamping down on democracy, the only option I’d offer is that they hang their collective heads in shame and appologise to the Catalonian people!

    Their hatred of the SNP has blinded them to common decency and moral justice.

  3. Labour are not attacking. Its the 1 armed knight holding his trousers up.

    10 years of SNP? New forth crossing, new Borders railway, new dualling of A9.
    Schools? Being changed, NHS vastly better, higher education – DOH!

    As for rollback devolution. Ridiculous – more likely not leaving EU will be result. The swell of resentment would be astonishing.

    I’m a City worker – the pain is about to hit, 4-6 months or so, and a lot of dominos will begin to fall. The strong pound and arms sales, as well as oil exports are keeping things afloat, but its holed below the water line.

    Stay inside a broken little England? Or become something better. Yeah – you know.

  4. Bert and Sandy, I hope it’s just not down to us 3 to try and convince a few million more 🙁


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