Podcast: Setting the record straight on Scottish economy?


Independence means you’ll be poor, says Radio 4 Today presenter John Humphrys. We’ll stop writing you cheques, says The Telegraph… Two bizarre establishment responses to Scotland’s constitutional debate from recent days. Where does this assumption of a poverty stricken independent Scotland come from?

Nicola Sturgeon: confirmed demand for renewed referendum

Podcast host Derek Bateman took up the issue with economist Dr Craig Dalzell, of the independent and left-leaning think tank Common Weal. Why does London dominate the UK economy and how can the resulting imbalance be challenged? What might an independent Scotland’s economy actually look like? Derek and Craig chew over the possibilities in our latest podcast, recorded as the SNP reflect on the first few days’ political response to last Monday’s declaration of a new referendum.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants Scots to consider independence in the wake of last year’s Brexit decision. Prime Minister Theresa May says she won’t permit a referendum until the UK’s exit from Europe is complete. Who might win? Who has the most persuasive case?

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  1. Perhaps people should remember that most or all of those at the leadership ministerial level of the Conservatives is so wealthy they have no attachment to every day economic realities. You know paying bills. They will never worry about food or utilities or housing. Consequently they feel no concern about the future and a delusional expectation of complete success while being completely unprepared. They come from a social group where everything was available to them and every opportunity presented on a serving platter. Of course they expect everything to be just spiffing after Brexit even the hardest WTO form.

  2. Thank you for very cogent information. The big question is how to get this onto “the streets” to counter the mendacious and condescending attitude of Humphrys and his ilk. But we will.

  3. If you have a problem with your bank, and they will not let you take your money out, you change the bank. Simples

  4. Totally agree with the statements in this podcast. We need to shout out our economic solvency… this is the big fear for voters, which is why we lost the last time. And why the unionists keep hammering the lie that we are too poor.

  5. Good chat, so much better than ghastly aggressive ‘interviews’ that give people about 1 minute and are full of bumptious I nterruptions. Well done Craig. It is so great to have people who know things most people don’t know, and who can explain them in a way that readily makes sense to ordinary folk like me. I spread your podcast link around a bit, other people have seized on your knowledge and ideas too, and they are winging their away about here and there. Keep going for the long haul!


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