Podcast: Two years from IndyRef, 13 weeks from Brexit, what next?


Two years since the Scottish referendum, 13 weeks since the Brexit vote, where stands Scottish and UK politics?

Prof Iain Docherty
Prof Iain Docherty

What are Theresa May and her merry prankster band of Tory Brexiteers actually up to, and how can Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP and other Scottish politicians respond properly, putting some flesh on the bones of their demand that the Scottish majority to remain in Europe be honoured somehow.

Leading academic and keen observer Prof Iain Docherty and journalist Maurice Smith joined podcast host Derek Bateman to discuss all this and more, pondering the economics of Brexit, and of Scotland regardless of the constitutional outcome.

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  1. The Tory party conference is not so far away. It should make happy watching as they squirm. The Governor General Mundell looks as if he is caught the headlights as he bleats its the snp that is causing the uncertainty. We all can see its the tories with fear of the anti-immigrant ukip that will determine what brexit is for the britnasty’s.

    As for labour Dugdale doesn’t know where to turn with Rowley at her back.

    I think we can prepare the ground quietly and effectively as the brits rip each other to shred.


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