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David Mccann



Readers of Newsnet Scotland have an opportunity to put questions to Scottish Secretary Murphy who is to make an appearance in a BBC webcast.Jim Murphy will answer questions sent in by members of the public.


BBC Scotland’s political editor Brian Taylor will quiz Mr Murphy during the half-hour webcast, at 1100 GMT on March 26, ahead of the Labour party conference.


The BBC has asked that questions be submitted by Thursday evening, you can do so by clicking HERE.


You will be able to watch the webcast by going to the BBC Scotland news website, HERE.


Unfortunately, the BBC says it may not be possible to put every question submitted to the Scottish secretary.


The Scottish Labour spring conference is being held on March 27, in Glasgow.


I submitted the following but doubt if it will be used, since it might embarrass the Scottish media, who have consistently ignored it in the past.


“Thanks to the excellent documentary ‘Diomhair’, broadcast last year on BBC Alba, we learn that:


For more than half a century, Conservative and Labour governments have set aside their antipathy to share a common agenda- stopping Home Rulers and Scottish Nationalists from ‘breaking up Britain’ [sic] – how Governments of both parties resorted to spying and sabotage to discredit the SNP, its members and supporters.”


Can the Scottish Secretary tell us if his government still cooperates with the Tories in this disgraceful activity?”




  1. i have put in a question for murphy,
    i will wait with anticipation.

    • It’s a wee bit pointless, since only questions which flatter Viceroy Murphy into believing he is a worthwhile contributor to Scotland’s cause, will be asked.

      If I thought there was a chance of it getting through, I would ask him if he has a *Lobbying* job (or two) lined up for when he is made reduntant by his East Renfrewshire constituents?

  2. Sadly . I have to agree with Brusque.
    The BBBC is involved so it will be all sweetness and light and despite the promise from B.Taylor to ask HARD questions , I have yet to witness any HARD questions being put to any Labour politician- they save “awkward” for everyone else.

    I watched a chap on Breakfast this morning ,singing the praises of T Blair for what he has done for the gay community in terms of equality.
    I must be really slow witted because it took till this morning to realise WHY!
    Take a bow Mr Mandelson!

  3. Well, I suppose it was too much to ask, but I thought that a little original thinking on the part of the BBC might, just MIGHT have prevailed.
    I watched the webcast, and whilst Brian Taylor pulled up Murphy on a few occasions, he failed to point out that the £86M ‘gift’ from Darlings budget, was simply a reduction on the £500M cut already in place. Its like being fined £500 and on appeal it is reduced to £414. Does that mean the court has just given me a cheque for £86? I dont think so!!

  4. I did post a question to ask Jim Murphy along the lines of what job did he intend to do next after the general election when he loses his seat.

    I doubt it was asked but as I never listened to Skeletor I wouldn’t know.


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