Salmond Pt 3: Devo Max, The Vow (and the black black oil..?)


By a Reporter

Alex Salmond relates the tussle with the Unionist parties over the question of a “Devo Max” option on the referendum ballot paper, in this final 30-minute part of’s series of videos recorded in Edinburgh.

The former First Minister told his audience that Prime Minister David Cameron had refused to back the Devo Max question being added because he had been advised that the independence referendum was an opportunity to destroy the SNP.

Salmond said Cameron had been told that a straight Yes: No vote would result in an overwhelmingly victory for the Union, with just 28 per cent of people likely to back independence.

He believes today that Labour’s big mistake was to take a similar view, refuse to take up the Devo Max option, and throw in their lot with the Tories and Lib Dems within the Better Together campaign.

The response came in a free-ranging question-and-answer session before a 250 strong audience and chaired by Newsnet’s Derek Bateman.

Questions included the impact of social media on modern political campaigning, opinion polls, Gordon Brown, ‘The Vow’ and his successor as party leader and First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

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  1. I could listen to this man for hours. Every fact at his fingertips and a memory like an elephant. Really good entertainment.

  2. I can understand why his political opponents hate him!
    Outstanding politician and makes them look like the second raters most of them are.
    Thanks Derek.

  3. Passionate, I believe thats how to describe our FFM. I have had the privilege of being at a Burns Supper in Dumfries
    where he captivated all. Newsnet should accept all the very big thanks out there because their team deserve it. Many thanks again

  4. Thank you Newsnet and Derek Bateman for this. Alex Salmond is really a man of the people. He is so passionate about the future of Scotland, that it helps to heal the terrible hurt I felt when we lost the Referendum.

  5. Thanks to all. The series has proved popular and we’ll be striving to get more material like this on

  6. Thanks. Very entertaining, A Salmond has wit, intelligence, integrity and charisma, I cannot think for a moment how anyone could disilke him, particularly as a public figure. The Westminster lot, well most, have not an ounce of integrity and the thing is, they really are like cardboard cut-outs. Most if all, their contempt for real democracy is becoming more transparent by the day.

    Time for change, to creating and sustaining a fair, equal and forward looking country, it’s the best we can do, for future generations, to reject austerity and greed. Scotland will be a big game changer, it’s the natural way of things, no doubt about that.

  7. Excellent final interview in the series. The last person Westminster wants back in its hallowed halls is Alex Salmond….he is a splendid raconteur. Scotland is fortunate to have politicians such as Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon and after watching his delft handling of Gordon Brewer on the BBC Sunday politcs programme Angus Robertson…all at the top of their game. Politically Scots truly are living in exciting times…


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