Scots Leid Articles


Welcome to our Scots Leid article section! We will be adding new articles to this page regularly so please stop by as often as you can.

Newsnet Scotland (NNS) is dedicated to the promotion and better understanding of Scottish culture and expression. With this in mind Newsnet Scotland published a breakthrough series by Paul Kavanagh called: ‘A history of Scottish languages’. In witnessing the popularity of the series Paul decided to write news articles in Scots. The reaction to these articles was surprising to us – the majority of readers understood the reasons behind this unique initiative and fully supported it, however a significant body of readers – whose opinions we value – felt that the articles were innapropriate and almost even kitsch.

Newsnet makes no apology for the promotion of Scots language, we do however want to fully explain, to all readers, our reasons for doing so. Paul has written below the links to individual articles a full explanation of why he writes in Scots. The team at NNS fully support Paul and thank him for his vision and unbending belief and support of this most important aspect of our culture – our language. Enjoy.

Scots Leid Articles

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