Second vote for Salmond


by Rona Mackay

The SNP is urging voters to give both votes to the SNP tomorrow, following the TNS-BRMB opinion poll which shows the Nationalists with a fighting chance of winning a second term in government.

The party will launch an online polling day initiative to drive home the message that it has to be “both votes SNP” including:

  • Advertising “both votes SNP” on Facebook
  • A video for Gaelic voters by Phil MacHugh and a video in sign language for deaf supporters
  • Pictures, blog posts and videos of the SNP team as they campaign up to the wire for both votes SNP

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “This final poll indicates that people want to re-elect the SNP Government and Alex Salmond for First Minister because they want to achieve the five-year Council Tax freeze, protection for Scotland’s health budget, and retention of the 1,000 additional police officers that the SNP have delivered.

“And if people want to re-elect the SNP Government and secure these vital policies, they must vote SNP on both the constituency and list ballot – it has to be ‘both votes SNP’ on Thursday.

“On the doorstep, online and in the media we will be taking every opportunity to ensure Scotland’s voters re-elect an SNP Government with both votes. Tomorrow it has to be both votes SNP for a five-year Council Tax freeze and Alex Salmond for First Minister.”


  1. A fighting chance of winning a second term?
    I had to re-read – surely you intended
    “A fighting chance of a majority”

    • Clootie
      I have lived through so many disappointments over the years I just cannot bring myself to believe anything is in the bag. I will gladly accept the SNP winning by 1 msp over losing. Remember the Scottish public are still enthralled with the Labour Party.

  2. Michael Crick on Newsnight talking about another poll giving the SNP a good lead over Labour.

    However, is it really another poll or is it just English disinterest catching up with events of the weekend?


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