Tommy Sheppard on the Union

Tommy Sheppard MP

In the day before Westminster broke up, for the summer that is – Westminster has been breaking up day after day during the course of this parliament, Tommy Sheppard MP reminded the parliament that devolution had been a process that took nearly 150 years to get off the ground. Since 1999 Holyrood had gained increasing powers. Now the process is going backwards with the failure of Westminster to accept the will of the devolved parliaments. As there is no English parliament Westminster decides for all the UK on the basis of the number of English MPs voting for England’s interests.

Succinct as always Tommy demonstrates why Independence must be revisited especially in the wake of a Brexit process shrouded in ever increasing circles of incoherence and ineptitude.


  1. How embarrassing. I am absolutely appalled at the interventions of the 2 conservatives. They give the impression that they are there just to distract and make the speech of Mr Sheppard, which is very good it has to be said, look broken. The amount of noise the conservatives are making in the background to stop us listening to the speech is frankly unacceptable and I found it very irritating. I struggled to hear at some points and this annoyed me because I liked what I was hearing. This, in my view, makes those tory MPs look incredibly childish and that they are clearly not taking the matter of Scotland and the desire of its people for more control of their own affairs seriously at all, which is something I find disconcerting, because these people are meant to represent their constituents, not themselves.
    I frankly expected higher standards, even if they are tories. In the past tories used to give the impression of having a brain. These 2 however gave me the impression of having a one track CD stuck in their heads that goes on and on and on about the vote in 2014. It is like the world for the tories stopped on that day. They came across as having nothing, nothing at all to add to what is a very good review of Scotland’s political history, other than drumming on and on a referendum result. How disappointing and embarrassing.

    As a matter of fact I would expect those 2 gentlemen would be a bit smarter than continuously reminding the People of Scotland of what Scotland could have and does not have thanks to the broken promises and deception, particularly in light of a toxic tory party overruling Scotland’s expressed democratic will to force it to leave the EU so it can steal our devolved powers. It seems to me that it is a gift to the Yes campaign for those 2 gentleman continuously reminding us that we are where we are, facing being dragged by force out of the EU against our will after we were told by Ruth Davidson, Vote no borders and Better together in 2014 that the way to ensure Scotland would remain in the EU was by voting to remain in the UK.

    There is something else I would like to mention to those 2 gentlemen tories:
    1. The people of Scotland are not stupid, gentleman, so please don’t you dare insult our intelligence. We understand maths and we can calculate thank you very much, even if you clearly cannot or don’t want to: the no side did not win by a “vast majority”, like one of them wrongly said. a 10% is not a vast majority, particularly when serious question marks are still hanging over a result that was won on a campaign of lies, false promises like Devo Max and deception. And if 55 to 45 is a vast majority, what on earth do those two gentleman consider a 62 vs a 38%, the majority of the majorities ever? Or for those gentleman all calculators and computers disintegrated and stopped counting on 19th September 2014?
    2. Why is it that for these gentleman is perfectly acceptable that in terms of the EU referendum, the minority in Scotland who vote leave have more say that the majority, whereas these gentleman find unacceptable that the 45% minority in 2014 reasserts its sovereignty and right to self-determination, particularly after the people of Scotland voted the SNP into Holyrood with a mandate for an independence referendum? Is this one of the examples of the multiple cases of double standards by the tories?
    3. It is a bit tiring and frankly infuriating to hear these Tory MPs continuously presenting the people of Scotland as if we were delighted to be England’s servants who are losing our backsides to remain in the UK so our natural assets can be exploited for the benefit of others, our Parliament can be attacked by England MPs and our private rights can being curtailed by and English supreme court and our devolved powers are stolen by stealth by a bunch of England MPs who abuse their power to transfer Scotland’s power onto England without our consent. Well gentleman, nothing can be further from the truth, because if it was true, we would not have the Prime MInister of The UK, the Deputy Prime Minister and the leader of HM opposition signing a vow by which we were promised substantial powers, permanence of Holyrood and INDEPENDENCE of Holyrood from Westminster in devolved matters a week before that referendum in 2014. Now it looks like the signatures of those 3 high ranking politicians in the UK are completely worthless as England MPs proceeded to abuse their power to steal our powers making that “independence” of Holyrood from Westminster in devolved matters a lie of gargantuan proportions. In any other context, such false promises would be considered fraud. I wonder why it is not the case here, particularly when plenty of England MPs are now demanding a new EU referendum precisely in the basis that the People of England was lied to by the Leave campaign.
    I would suggest those 2 gentleman to stop throwing stones to their own roof and throwing light on the false promises that led to that “vast” result (vast only in their minds, that is). And if they cannot contain their desire to drool towards their beloved English ruling elite and Westminster power, can they please drool on their behalf and their behalf only but making the drooling extensive as if it was on behalf of everybody else?
    Thank you.

  2. I recall this episode quite clearly; at National Council in the Marryat Hall in Dundee the delegates instructed the MPs to vote against Callahan’s decision.

    On the night the Government fell I was dealing with a constituent’s problem in Cowdenbeath – I was the S NP candidate for Central Fife (Now Glenrothes).I could see we would get the blame.

    In the election that followed, the SNP only kept 19 deposits out of the 73 seats.11 of these had been MPs – I was one of the other 8.


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