Review: We’ve been living in a satire all along… haven’t we?

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Cee Smith
Cee Smith

coppia cerca donna Latina man zoekt man in Zuid-Holland

Er sucht Sie in Dornbirn

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In Charlie Brooker Sketch he throws it all out there. Satire is our reality. And maybe it always was but we weren’t paying enough attention. Maybe the satire we grew up watching without a point of reference desensitised us to our own turn under Tory rule and Austerity. It’s all happened before and it’s happening now and we’re stuck in a cycle. Maybe we like the drama of it all.

He handles sensitive subjects with such a slight hand, from the teacher interfering with Jack and his dad in Jack the Lad leading to father jailed and son isolated to the forced communal grief perpetuated by the media with the many celebrity deaths in 2016. There’s an edge to his voice, though he sounds softer than his work with the Girobabies. This is an intimate album of sarcasm and bitter comedy.

Come with me, he says in the opening track the Hills Have Eyes. Let’s find another way.

What that way is, maybe isn’t clear but he isn’t offering any answers on this album. The album is a final word in a myriad of arguments he’d rather not get bogged down with anymore.

There’s a warning of the future. A decline speeded up by our own bickering and acting up. ‘They took our jobs, who did? The robots?’

How do we win against our own image?

Respect all opinions but criticise all of them he chants by the final track, the enchanting Bill Hicks Fan. And maybe this is the way forward.

He’s gathered the characters and introduced us all. Now what do we do?

But wherever Mark is going next, we should follow. couple cherche femme a Le Tampon par søker mann i Leknes Jackal Trades is playing Glasgow at King Tut’s on December 21.
Need the Characters is out now:

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