Podcast: Should Scotland be thinking global, acting local?

3 2311

http://no.datetomorrow.com/par-sker-kvinne-i-alta/ par søker kvinne i Alta

Zara Kitson
Zara Kitson

The result offers a refreshing insight into what is going on in Scottish politics, and where it might be leading.

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  1. No thanks. I’ve no time for the fantasy politics of righteous radicals. I’m too busy working to effect actual change here in the real world by bringing Scotland’s government home.

    • When I read comments like this it reminds me why the Yes vote is stuck on 45%. So much for tolerant, progressive Scotland if two young campaigners are treated so dismissively. Poor show I think.

  2. “Should Scotland be thinking global, acting local?”

    Scotland should be thinking ‘hard-Indy’ as opposed to ‘hard-Brexit’.

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