Phantom Power Films launch arts and politics pilot for pro-indy Scotland


Pro independence group Phantom Power have launched their promised arts and politics magazine show PERSPECTIVE. is proud to present the pilot show today. We plan to work with Phantom Power as it develops further programmes, and we welcome comments from our readers, which we’ll share with the group.

Phantom Power are planning a series of eight film documentaries about Scotland’s journey towards independence, exploring the issues behind change and seeking to answer key questions often ignored by the news media.

They are also raising funds to support the idea, and you can choose to support them here.

The pilot film can be viewed here:

Alan McMaster, the man behind Stirling-based Phantom Power Films, was responsible for previous films Bigger the Lie and the post referendum Altered State.

Here he explains more about the content of the PERSPECTIVE pilot, which has a magazine format including a range of views on Scotland and Scottish politics:

“A more autonomous nation doesn’t just happen at the top;  creating more confident communities willing to challenge the status quo and reclaim power is vital. 


The inspiring story of Govanhill Baths 15 year battle with Glasgow City Council shows that people power can create change and a better future for all.  With Katie Gallogly-Swan 

“We do things differently here and put community values at the heart of what we do. Young people are often at the tough end of political decisions and we’ll be dedicating production time to covering youth initiatives in Scotland. The organisation can use the film to gain funding, grow and do more. Get in touch if you’d like to nominate.


“With 1.6 million speakers, the Scots language is a key element in our identity. In the first of a series, linguistic legend Billy Kay looks at Scots in an European context and celebrates this crucial part of our national identity.


Politics doesn’t have to be dull. We explore politics from different angles including film and comedy. Filmmaker Shaun Milne looks at Alan Clarke’s study on the futility of violence ‘Elephant’ while comedian David Kay tells a surreal tale of identity theft. 


‘As others see us’ features incredibly talented History Twins and Washington D.C. based teenage cartoonist Francesca Testen with a unique take on Scottish politics


Our Profile guest is Scottish icon Stuart Cosgrove. We feature and extract from a fascinating forthcoming interview on Scotland’s future, football, the media and the acclaimed Detroit 67 


We conclude with music legend Preston Reed. Preston is widely recognised as one of the world’s greatest guitarists and resides in his beloved Girvan. Preston explains his unique playing style, influences and his latest work.

FEEDBACK is happy to share Phantom Power’s new PERSPECTIVE initiative with our readers. We endorse their crowd-funding campaign, but please note that there is no formal connection with and we do not benefit financially from the initiative.

We plan to run the series on and we welcome all comments, contributions and suggestions from readers. Either post them below, or send them to The Editor at editor[at]newsnet[dot]scot – we’ll share everything with Alan at Phantom Power.


  1. What a refreshing and exciting idea – thankfully, the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT an incoming train 😉

  2. This is a very important media opportunity for us. Unlike the mainstream media, the independence supporting media work together and support one another. That way we work towards building a critical mass that has the potential to counter the forces of an establishment right wing media with an old imperialist mindset.

  3. I note we have a number of disparate forms of media promoting our Independence.

    You are no doubt more aware than I of the negative bias promoted by both the print and broadcast media.

    I am sure you and many supporters of Independence, consider it wise to bring together the numerous sections of Independence media to go forward as one voice to the Scottish people to counter and overcome the mainstream media.

    I believe this was a major obstacle for us in 2014.

    It would also help those who contribute in the numerous calls for support of the individual independence media, that we could contribute to one combined media group, to allow funds to be e pended more usefully amongst the individual media mediums.

    Are there moves afoot to bring Independence media together to communicate with one voice to the Scottish people?


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