28% drop in first time offenders since 2006-07


The Scottish government has welcomed new figures which show there has been an estimated drop of over 5000 first time offenders since 2006-07 – including consistent annual decreases every year for the past six years.

The number of first time offenders convicted in 2006/07 was 18,939, but this had dropped to 13,607 during 2011/12.

The official figures, obtained in a written answer, show a continual pattern of improvement in Scotland since the SNP took control of the Scottish Government.

Sandra White, SNP MSP for Glasgow Kelvin and member of the Justice committee, said:

“This drop in first time offences is to be welcomed and is representative of the drop in crime in Scotland. Crime is still too high and more needs to be done, but this trend is positive news for everyone in communities across the country and further evidence that the SNP is moving Scotland forward.

“Crime is at a 37 year low, fear of crime is down, the risk of being a victim of crime in Scotland is falling and is lower than in England and Wales.

“This is testament to the hard work of police across Scotland, and stresses the importance of the SNP Government’s commitment to recruiting over 1200 additional police officers since it took office, while officer numbers south of the border are being cut by 16,000.

“This is only because Scotland can make independent decisions that affect our police forces – not left to a Westminster Tory-LibDem government making drastic cuts in frontline policing.”