50 mums call for Yes vote for fairer Scotland


With 50 days to go until the referendum in September, 50 Yes-supporting mums have signed an open letter outlining why Scotland must back independence.
They are calling for a Yes vote to ‘create a fairer and better society’ and for fellow mums to back the full powers only offered with independence, as the best way to put an end to the ‘humanitarian crisis’ of food banks in many of Scotland’s towns and cities.

Describing a Yes vote as an opportunity mums in Scotland ‘should take’, founder of Mums for Change, Susan Robertson said: “As we move closer to the most amazing opportunity mums could take in September, Mums for Change are making it clear just how important a Yes vote in September is.

“As mums consider which way to cast their vote, they’ll be faced with two choices for Scotland’s future. One is the continued uncertainty that will come with increased Westminster cuts, cuts that would see Scotland’s budget slashed and our valued public services seriously damaged.

“The other path is with a Yes vote that will safeguard the gains of the Scottish Parliament such as free personal care and the ending of prescription charges. We can also protect our NHS in a written constitution, declaring that it remains free and that our welfare system remains intact to support our most vulnerable.

“These 50 mums want to be able to tell our children that we voted for a better and fairer society and we call on all mums in Scotland to get involved with our campaign – there’s no better time.”

The letter:

Dear Mums

We are a group of mums from across Scotland who believe that we need the natural powers of independence for our country in order to create a fairer and better society for our families and future generations.

We want to see Scotland become a democracy, where our vote counts and we are no longer governed by people we didn’t elect.

We want to see an end to child poverty and the need for families to rely on food-banks. Scotland should use its vast resources to ensure that we end the humanitarian crisis on our doorsteps.

We want rid of nuclear weapons from our waters and we don’t want our country to be dragged into any more illegal wars. The billions of pounds this will save can be ploughed into positive improvements in welfare and childcare.

We want to see a written constitution that safeguards free healthcare, education, childcare and a fair welfare system.

We want to see Scotland remain members of the EU and for it to take its rightful place on the international stage as an outward-looking, progressive society that we, and our children can be proud of.

We want to be able to tell our children that we confidently stood up and said Yes to a better and fairer society.
This is all there for us, but only if we vote Yes on 18th September 2014. This is our one chance, we must take it.

Come join us.
Mums for Change