51% of Catalans in favour of independence


The Tele5 [Spanish TV channel] programme “El gran debate” (The Great Debate) which discussed Catalan independence this Saturday evening, has made public the results of an opinion poll carried out by the polling company Gesop:  50.9% of Calatans would vote in favour of independence, while just 18.6% would vote against.  9.5% report that they would spoil their ballot paper, and some 19% would abstain.

The results are very similar to those of the last poll from CEO, which found that some 51% of Catalans would vote yes to independence.  In that poll however, the votes against were 21.1%, in the poll from the company Gesop, the No vote falls to 18.6%

The same poll reveals that 76% of the population of Catalunya would be in agreement with a consulation on secession.  19% were against and the remaining 5% either did not know or did not respond.  If an election was to be held just now in Catalunya, the poll concludes that the CiU, PSC and PP would lose seats, while the ERC and ICV-EUiA would make gains, while Ciutadans and Solidaritat would remain the same.

This article first appeared in Catalan on the Catalan news site Vilaweb.cat and appears here in translation with permission.