A pointless waste of time


by Paul Kavanagh

Usually Newsnet publishes serious articles which comment on the politics, culture, current affairs or history of Scotland, although occasionally some of us have contributed satirical articles which are not just tongue in cheek, but have the tongue poking right through the cheek and heading off somewhere into the far distance.

This article is different.  It makes no statements about Scotland’s politics, culture or history, it’s not even satire or biting commentary.  This article is arguing no case and isn’t trying to prove anything.  It is a completely pointless waste of time and bears that fact proudly on its head like a madman wearing his underwear like a hat.

In this map, based upon the railway map of Strathclyde which appears at many stations on the West of Scotland network, all the station names have been replaced by anagrams.  If you’ve got nothing better to do of a wet Sunday afternoon you can have some fun trying to work out which station is which.  If you’re feeling really brave you can ask in your local station for a day return from Queer Spank to Drab Sauna Horrors.

All the names on this map are anagrams of the official station name in English, so you’ve got no excuses even if you don’t have the Gaelic.  If you get stuck you can check the answer against the English version of the railway map we published last weekend.

Newsnet is proud to present to you with an anagram map of the Stretch Lady railway network, calling at Mousiest Playgirl, Snot Gob and Tidal Format.  

Enjoy the journey.

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