Academic pours scorn on Commons Committee report on education after Yes


Another No campaign attack has suffered a setback after a senior academic described claims on higher education as being based on “hyperbole and complete fiction”.

Vice Principal of Aberdeen University Professor Bryan MacGregor has said that the conclusions of the recent Scottish Affairs Committee report on higher education were “not backed up” by the evidence submitted – and confirmed his belief that cross-border research networks would continue after a Yes vote.

Professor MacGregor also made clear that the main risk to higher education in Scotland comes from the prospect of possible changes to the Barnett Formula in the aftermath of a No vote – and further Westminster cuts to Scotland’s budget.

This intervention comes in the wake of Danny Alexander’s refusal to rule out further increasing the level of tuition fees in the rest of the UK above the current rate of £9,000.

Commenting, Clare Adamson MSP said:

“These are welcome comments from a well-respected academic and show the No campaign’s rhetoric on education is no different to its scaremongering on any other issue – based on ‘hyperbole and complete fiction’.

“Project Fear long ago turned into Project Farce as their scare stories became more and more ridiculous – now it has transformed into Project Fiction.

“Scotland’s Future makes clear that after a Yes vote Scotland would continue to take part in the cross-border research network – and experts are already telling us that Scotland is an increasingly attractive destination for research funding.

“The only threat to Scotland’s higher education sector is from the cuts Westminster has planned after a No vote – with a Yes vote we can ensure that Scotland’s universities continue to thrive and that access to university is based on the ability to learn rather than the ability to pay.”