Academy award-winning filmmaker releases original screenplay on twitter


13th September 2012, London – Jordan Waid, winner of 1999 Student Academy Award for his film The Piece is releasing a series of original screenplays on the social media channel, Twitter.  It is part of the #tweetFilmProject which he has created and can be followed @tweetFilmProj.

Breaking ranks with the industry, where the trading of original material has brought decades’ worth of ‘development hell’ headaches for screenwriters, Waid has decided to offer his screenplays for free to interested parties to read, enjoy, retweet and review.

The first screenplay Waid is tweeting – 140 characters at a time – is The Piece and he is inspired by the deconstruction and reconstruction opportunities that Twitter presents as readers retweet and respond.

“I am carefully formatting each tweet so it has a good flow yet retains all elements of the screenplay,” said Waid. “With all of the screenplays I release, I’ll be watching to see which scenes gain the most comments or retweets and which characters drive traffic.  It’s immediate and brutal but I’m excited about how this might influence future works.”

Waid intends to create something people would enjoy reading throughout the day.  In this case, a series of film scenes from his original screenplay, tweeted at unexpected intervals.  Followers of the first script will learn the story of an art thief, a detective and the next acquisition.

With each work he releases, Waid will continue to craft the best possible ways to tweet stories for followers.

“We live in a time where less is more, as has been proven by Twitter.  It is a fun format to explore and has changed the way we communicate. I wanted to embrace an alternative use for it by delivering traditional long form narratives, in bite size intervals.”

The Tweet Film Project will feature updates and can be tracked on its blog for those that don’t use twitter.

The first tweet for The Piece will be October 1st 2012, on @tweetFilmProj.