Al-Megrahi fights for life as health deteriorates


By Martin Kelly

Mr Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the Libyan fighting to clear his name after being convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, has been rushed to hospital after his health suddenly deteriorated.

Mr Megrahi has received an emergency blood transfusion according to his brother, Abdulhakim and is said to be fighting for his life.

Released from a Scottish prison on compassionate grounds in 2009, the man universally known as ‘the Lockerbie Bomber’ has protested his innocence ever since his conviction in 2001.

The compassionate release sparked controversy in Scotland with Unionist politicians and media supporters attacking the decision by Scottish Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill.

However, a recent documentary cast doubt over the evidence presented at Mr Megrahi’s trial and a book published last month revealed the discoveries made by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission that suggested the Libyan may have been the victim of a miscarriage of justice.

Newsnet Scotland also revealed that former Lord Advocate, and now Labour peer, Colin Boyd may have deliberately misled the Court during the trial of the Libyan, and other revelations have since suggested that the testimony of key witness Tony Gauci was unreliable and three million US dollars had been paid to Mr Gauci and his brother.

Scrutiny of the events surrounding the downing of Pan Am 103 has been hampered by misreporting by elements of the UK media, including the BBC, and fact has been intertwined with deliberate fabrication and conflation.

Some of the more outrageous reports included one that suggested Mr Megrahi could live for a further twenty years.

Others, like BBC Scotland’s Gary Robertson and the Scotsman newspaper, claimed that the dying Libyan had ‘confessed’ on his deathbed.  Most, like the two examples, were revealed to have been false.

As Mr Megrahi’s health deteriorates, the calls for a full inquiry into the events of the fateful night will surely amplify.

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