Andy Murray backs Yes vote in referendum


  By a Newsnet reporter
Tennis hero Andy Murray has come out in support of a Yes vote in today’s referendum.
In an announcement on twitter, which stunned fans as well as fellow Scots, 27 year old Murray revealed he was backing independence after the “negativity” from the Better Together campaign had “swayed his view”.

He wrote: “Huge day for Scotland today!

“No campaign negativity last few days totally swayed my view on it.

“Excited to see the outcome. Lets do this!”

The phrase ‘Let’s do this’ has been adopted by Yes supporters across Scotland and beyond.

The backing for Yes from one of Scotland’s greatest ever sporting heros will be welcomed by supporters of independence as they go to the polls.  Murray has steadfastly refused to reveal his views on the referendum despite having been repeatedly asked.

The announcement from the tennis superstar follows similar backing for Yes from his brother Jamie who earlier this week said that it was amazing the Yes campaign had done so well given that 95% of the media was against it.

Head of Sport for Yes, Michael Stewart, was delighted with the Murrays’ last-minute messages of support.

He said: “On the day that Scotland goes to the polls to decide our future, Andy and Jamie Murray’s endorsement is a tremendous boost for Yes. To have the backing of the greatest sportsman of our time is absolute proof that Yes is the opportunity of a lifetime for Scotland.

“Fantastic news from fantastic sportsmen. Andy has established himself as an international sporting figure and his support for Yes will resonate around the world.”

Yes Scotland Chief Executive Blair Jenkins added: “Andy has been worth waiting for. He has clearly given this a great deal of thought and I am delighted he has decided that Yes is the right way to go for Scotland.”

Scottish voters go to the polls in what is the most important vote they will ever have taken part in.  Many will be voting for the first time and some will have registered especially for the referendum.


[Newsnet Comment: Few will be aware, but from 07:00am this morning until 10pm tonight, the people of Scotland will be in control of every power currently devolved to Westminster.  We will hold it in our hands for those precious hours.

A Yes vote will see those powers stay in Scotland … forever.  A No vote will see the powers handed back to London at one minute past ten.

This point was made by the former Labour MP Jim Sillars who has been campaigning tirelessly for Yes despite having lost his wife Margo MacDonald a short while ago.

This is the key to the referendum, whether we want to control and shape Scotland ourselves or whether we want to hand control to MPs in London.

Scotland has changed, there is a new found confidence and belief.  It was demonstrated during the Glasgow Commonwealth Games when the world watched and saw a Scotland transformed, a confident outward looking Scotland.

We have so much in terms of resources; renewable energy, food and drink, tourism, engineering and of course the most important of all – our people.  A Yes vote is a vote of confidence in ourselves – it will send a message to the world that, after 300 years, the Scots have re-awakened.

A No vote will send a message that Scotland and her people lacked the courage to stand up for themselves.  Let’s not shackle future generations with that burden.

As Andy Murray says – “Let’s Do This”.  Let’s vote Yes.]