Angry Protests at BP’s AGM


Outside the ExCel centre today in east London, angry protests were held by trade unionists and environmentalists as BP held it’s first Annual General Meeting since the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

Four more than four hours a colourful crowd sought to make their voices heard, with one – Gulf Shrimp Farmer Diane Wilson, covering herself in an oil-like substance and thrusting her hands at officials and police.

After trying to enter the meeting, she said: “I’ve come all the way here from the Gulf Coast,”

“My community is gone, and they won’t let me in.”

Inside the building, proceedings were interrupted momentarily by protesters attempting to storm the stage resulting in one actually having to be carried out.  

Mr Svanberg described it as a “disturbance” at the back of the hall. He admitted that some people had “strong emotions”.

Other representatives from the Gulf Coast were also refused entry, deemed by BP to be a threat to other shareholders.