Another Labour councillor resigns in Glasgow


Labour councillor Ellen Hurcombe, who represents the Canal ward covering parts of the north west of the city, has become the ninth Labour councillor to resign from the party in Glasgow within the past few months.  Ms Hurcombe’s resignation comes just over a month before the crucial local elections.  She has announced her intention to stand for the new rival party Glasgow First, composed of disaffected Labour councillors.

The resignation leaves Labour with just 38 councillors in the city, against a total of 41 for the opposition parties.  

Speaking to STV, Ms Hurcombe confirmed that she had resigned from the Labour party and had joined Glasgow First.  The grouping of rebel former Labour councillors is now the third largest party represented on the council.  

The new party was established by former Labour councillors who were disaffected by Labour’s controversial reselection process, after which 20 sitting councillors were told that their services would no longer be required by the party.  The bitter and ill-tempered fall out from the reselection process witnessed allegations of bullying and control freakery levelled at the Labour group’s ruling group.  

Ms Hurcombe was one of those councillors who were deselected by Labour.  

Councillor Tommy Morrison, leader of Glasgow First said: “I am absolutely delighted that yet another councillor has decided to join Glasgow First, putting the citizens of Glasgow before party politics and fighting for Glaswegians.”

A spokesman for Glasgow Labour said: “Being a Labour councillor is not a job for life, and Labour Party members in Glasgow made difficult decisions about who would and would not go forward for election.”