Anti-Bedroom Tax campaigners to defy march ban with legal ‘walk’


  The No2BedroomTax Campaign’s spokesperson, Alan Wyllie, has announced he will embark on his individual ‘march’ to the SECC to protest against the Bedroom Tax at the Liberal Democrats Conference on Saturday.

The inability of PoliceScotland and Glasgow Council to agree to BinTheBedroomTax’s proposals to march from Glasgow Green to Glasgow was met with stunned silence and anger by No2BedroomTax Campaigners, who passionately believe that marching is a legitimate political tool that should not be suppressed by the authorities.

In defiance to this rejection and to stay within the confines of the law, No2BedroomTax’s Alan Wyllie will ‘walk’ from his home in Foxbar, Paisley to the SECC, a journey of approximately 10 miles.

His journey will take him through Paisley and into Pollok where he will be joined by fellow No2BedroomTax campaigners, Jim Buntin and Jaki Patterson.  From Pollok, the campaigners will walk through Hillington and Govan to meet up with other protesters on the south side of the Squinty Bridge at 12.40.

As No2BedroomTax Campaign’s Spokesperson, Mr Wyllie said: “The decision by Glasgow Council and PoliceScotland to put obstacles in front of our democratic, civil rights is effectively a slap in the face to the tenants who are at the front line of the Tory’s ideology path of destruction.

“Marching from my home to the SECC is not my idea of a relaxing Saturday morning but it is an action which I feel is essential as it will highlight the Bedroom Tax and ensure that our civil liberties remain intact.

“The intention of the original march was to take the campaign to the people who are most affected by the bedroom tax by marching through the Gorbals and Govan.

“I hope that this march will show people who are directly affected by the bedroom tax that they are not alone in their struggle and that the No2BedroomTax Campaign will stand shoulder to shoulder with any tenant who is facing difficulties due to the Tories Welfare Reforms.”