Anti-cuts protesters invade Daily Mail office


Anti-Benefit Cuts activists held a leafleting session outside the Atos assessment centre in Cadogan Street, Glasgow, today advising claimants on how to deal with benefits medical examinations.

The Work Capability Assessments carried out by Atos have been criticised by CAB, the Child Poverty Action Group and others as being unfair and not based on medical opinion.

The protests stepped up as around 15 activists headed to the Daily Mail building, walked past security on the ground floor and went to offices on the first floor.

The protestors then told the journalists there to “stop telling lies about disabled people”.

They were then handed leaflets that stated that ‘the Daily Mail has led the propaganda against the most vulnerable in society, making attacks on benefits for sick and disabled people.’

The protest continued outside where passing members of the public showed their support. The police were called, but there were no arrests.{jcomments on}