By Brian Nicholson

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Elizabeth, Queen of Scots

BritNats, in their zeal to control the debate on the future of Scotland, constantly try to create an alternate history to our country. They work hard and long to erase our Scottishness and replace it with British and Britain.

One of their main thrusts is the use of the monarchy to create a perception of one country, one kingdom, one parliament. They ignore the fact that our grace, Elizabeth, Queen of Scots, is monarch to two kingdoms. Even the term, majesty, is a foreign concept in Scottish history and terminology but has crept into common usage.

We need to remind our fellow Scots that James Stuart, King of Scots also became on the death of Elizabeth Tudor, James, King of England. To date, all subsequent monarchs are both “of Scots” and “of England”. There has NEVER been a monarch styled “of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. At no time has Scotland renounced or accepted any removal of its historic monarchical rights.

There is no need to separate that which has never been joined.

Despite James now being king of both countries in 1603, the monarchies remained distinctly apart. The Act of Union, 1707, actually reaffirms that separation into two distinct monarchies, through the creation of joint parliament and administration. Many Scots would be unaware that the coronation oath taken at Westminster Abbey is of no force and effect in Scotland. Elizabeth Windsor took a quite separate coronation oath for the crown of Scotland. Of course, as is common in the post-union history, it was done in the back room and absent the pomp of the English coronation.

Further there is no Prince of Wales in Scotland’s monarchy. This is a style and title given by the English crown to the Heir Apparent to that crown. When Charles Windsor visits Scotland, he is too often honoured with this title and his true Scots title and lineage is ignored.

For those not aware, in Scotland, Charles Windsor is the Duke of Rothesay, the traditional title bestowed on the Heir Apparent of the Crown of Scotland. He is also the Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland.

It has become too easy for the Scots media to assume the terminology of the English court. This has been the case for generations as our distinctive Scottishness has been belittled and ignored.

We must demand, and our Scottish government must insist, that only Scottish titles and honours be used in Scotland. When her grace opens Parliament on July 1st, these historical honours must be front and centre. If it takes a press release to the mainstream media, including the United Kingdom Broadcasting Corporation (ex-BBC), to remind them of these facts, this should be sent.

Success in the referendum may very well turn on the economic issues, but let us not discount the impact of reinforcing that we are Scots, this is our country and that our institutions, history and titles are not be shunted aside.

Every opportunity must be taken to reinforce our distinctiveness. We must reduce the union to its historic role of a governance and administrative treaty, nothing more.  It is far easier to amend or repeal a treaty than to write a constitution.  Of course, for those BritNats who cling to the concept of constitutional crisis, let me remind them that neither England nor Scotland had a constitution prior to 1707 and none has been created since.

But that is another column for another day.

One country, our country… AYE WE CAN!