‘Badlin’ votit president in Haiti


Michel Martelly haes been declarit winner in the Haitian presidencial eleccions.  Yestreen the umquhyle singer promised the income o a “new era” in Haiti, bit his bet rival Mirlande Manigat sayed she wis fair “scunnert” bi the result o the pollin.

“A’m gey proud tae hae been caaed tae serva ma kintra.  Me, the badlin, A hae receivit yer confidence,” the furmer singer declared in his furst press conference as president eleck o the Caribbean kintra.

“Yese hae decidit tae lippen in metae cairrie the kintra ti a guid port, tae pit the auld wirricows bye an tae lee the auld threips fur tae tak the kintra in anither airt.  A want tae wark wi aa o yese, A’m the president o ilkane, o aa Haitians athout excepcions,” he insistit.

Michel Martelly, mair weill-kent up ti nou bi his nickname “Sweet Micky”, wun the presidencial eleccion wi 67.57% o the votes, agin 31.74% fur his rival, the umquhyle furst ladie an universitie professor Mirlande Manigat, bi the wey o preliminarie results gied out bi Haitis Proveisional Electoral Counsil (CEP, Conseil Electoral Provisoire) on Munday nicht.

“A love ma kintra, A love Haiti, bit A am richtlie scunnert,” sayed Manigat fae hur campaign office, bit she widnae say aye or naa whan speirt gin she wis thinkin o appealin agin the results.

“A’ll kep on fechtin,” promised the auld furst ladie, an than descryed the haud up wi the results.  The CEP haed announcit the past weik at the pollin on the twintieth o Mairch haed bene mairkit bi pauchles an at hunners o votes sent bi different poll stacions haed been reducit.  

The definitive results wull be announcit offeiciallie on the saxteinth o April efter a tairm whan baith candidates wull kin appeal, lik Martelly aareddie duin efter the furst roun o votin on the 28th o November.  The singer haed been relegatit ti thurd place, ahint the offeicial candidate Jude Célestin.  Martellys uphauders demonstratit fiercelins, an gart the CEP tae appruive Martellys gaun inti the saicant roun.

The Unitit States ruised the “Haitians at gaes forrit fur tae rebigg thair kintra”, an Haitis furmer colonial pouer France sayed the outcom wis a testament ti “the patience an maturite o the Haitian fowk, at haes clairlie manifestit thair truist in the electoral process”.

The haun-ower o pouer ti Marelly bi the current president, René Preval, wull tak place on the fowerteinth o May, efter a presidencial tairm at wis extendit bi the Pairliament.  The ish o the tairm wis in Febuarie.

On takin ower fae René Preval, Martelly wull heid an administracion at maun rebigg the kintra efter the yirdquake o 12 Januarie 2010 at seen ower 250,000 loss thair lifes.  Tae mak life een mair haurd fur the new president, he is athout a majoritie in the pairliament an threitent bi poleitical instabeilitie akis o the hame-comin o the twa umquhyle presidents in exile, Jean Bertrand Aristide and Jean-Claude Duvalier ‘Baby Doc’, sin o the notour dictator ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier.

Wurds ye mibbie no ken

umquhyle – former, previous, ex

bet – beaten, beat (past tense of beat)

badlin – bad boy, naughty child

wirricow – goblin, demon

threip – quarrel

airt – direction

ilkane – everyone

descrye – denounce

pauchle – fraud, fix, con

reduce – legally suspend, legally annul


fiercelins – furiously, violently

ruise – praise, flatter

ish – expiry date