BBC Scotland employing news blackout of Labour Bedroom tax No-show


The BBC in Scotland has employed a complete news blackout after forty seven Labour MPs failed to turn up to vote against the Bedroom tax.

On Tuesday a debate into the controversial legislation called for the tax to be scrapped.  However despite bringing the debate themselves, Labour MPs, including ten from Scotland, failed to turn up.

The vote was eventually lost by 26 votes.

Amongst those who failed to appear were Scottish Labour Deputy leader Anas Sarwar and former PM Gordon Brown.

The issue has been reported by several Scottish newspapers, including the pro-Labour Daily Record, the Scotsman and the Herald.  However thus far BBC Scotland has refused to carry the story which has caused fury amongst anti-Bedroom Tax campaigners in Scotland.

At the time of publication of this article, the BBC has not yet acknowledged the story which has led to one anti-Bedroom Tax campaign group to announce a protest outside the office of Scottish Labour Deputy leader Anas Sarwar.

The protest will take place today (Friday) at 3pm at the offices address at 9 Scotland Street.  The BBC is not expected to film the event.