Bedroom Tax Song Bids for Number 1


The itunes version of internet sensation protest song You Canny Have A Spare Room In A Pokey Cooncil Flat will be launched today, Thursday, 6th June against the backdrop of the famous Castlemilk high flats.

The ultimate aim is to get it to number 1 in the UK charts as a protest against the hated Bedroom Tax.

Singer-songwriter Citizen Smart has used the melody of the 1960s Jeely Piece Song to pen his 21st century satirical take the Bedroom Tax, to express his opposition to it and rally campaigners in a humorous but poignant way.

Castlemilk in South Glasgow is one of the areas hit hardest hit by the tax, and campaigners from the area’s anti-Bedroom Tax group will join Citizen Smart along with folks from other local groups to help launch the song’s itunes release, the proceeds from which will be used to fund ongoing anti-Bedroom Tax campaign activities

Citizen Smart said: “This is more than a protest song. It is a means through which people all over the UK can register their opposition to the bedroom tax by buying the single, knowing that their purchase will directly fund the growing grassroots campaign against this this hated and unworkable tax”

The original version of Citizen Smart’s You Canny have a Spare Room in a Pokey Cooncil Flat was posted on youtube in late March 2013, and has to date attracted attracted over 165,000 views.

The original version

The itunes track is a full studio mixed version, and was recorded in Glasgow’s Calton Studio.  It contains updated and expanded lyrics which reflect subsequent developments in the campaign can be viewed on Youtube.

Already the song has become the anthem of the anti-bedroom tax movement throughout the UK, and was sung in unison by 3,000 protestors attending last weekend’s Anti-Bedroom Tax Rally in Glasgow’s George Square.  It has also been sung at similar demonstrations all over the UK, including London’s Trafalgar Square, Manchester’s Picadilly Gardens, and the former steeltown, Corby in Northhampton, widely know as Little Scotland

The itunes release offers an ideal and convenient way for people all over the UK to purchase the single, with the added option of buying two related anti-bedroom tax protest songs by Citizen Smart, Mary’s Army and Ratbag

The launch will end with Citizen Smart leading the attending campaigners and a range of musicians in an outdoor busk of You Canny Have A Spare Room In A Pokey Cooncil Flat, including beneath the backdrop of the Castlemilk flats

The original Jeely Piece Song was written by Adam McNaughtan, and is about childhood life in these same high flats in the 1960s . Adam has give his permission for the song’s melody to be used in this new fundraising venture, and is backing its release. As is Janette McGinn, the widow of the late Matt McGinn, whose version the Jeely Piece Song is the one best remembered.

Janette McGinn said: “I am extremely pleased to be offered the opportunity to comment on Citizen Smart’s song Ye Canny Have a Spare Room In A Pokey Cooncil Flat.  The choice of Adam’s tune is great and I can’t speak highly enough of the lyrics: The sentiments have my total support and have been expressed with passion and humor.”

Also attending the launch will be Jean Devlin, Chair of the Castlemilk Anti-Bedroom Tax Campaign, Mary Lockhart of the Anti-Bedroom Tax campaigning group Mary Barbour’s Army, and David Moxham, Depute General Secretary of the Scottish TUC.

The i-tunes version of the song is available at:

The track will also be available for online purchase other online music stores: Amazon, Google Play, Vervelife,  7-digital and 24-7