Bella Caledonia takes second spot in Scots online list


Pro-independence magazine Bella Caledonia has taken second spot in a list of Scotland’s best and most influential online sites.

The site, launched by editors Mike Small and Kevin Williamson in 2007 lists Joan McAlpine and Gerry Hassan amongst a host of well respected contributors.

The list of 30 key Scottish online sites was compiled by Edinburgh-Glasgow events magazine, The List who said of Bella:

“What Williamson and Small have created is a forward-thinking, distinctly Scottish place for ideas.

“Although they’re pro-independence, the site has no party allegiance and toes no single line.

“Excellent articles by contributors including Gerry Hassan, novelist Ewan Morrison and journalist-turned-MSP Joan McAlpine, on everything from Greece to Iain Banks, make a great forum for intelligent debate.”

Bella finished three places ahead of STV’s recently launched online news site.  The Caledonian Mercury also got a mention, taking 18th position.

The winner was blipfoto a site specialising in photographic images set up by Edinburgh photographer and designer Joe Tree.  See the full list here.