Better Together backtrack over school anti-independence packs


   By a Newsnet reporter 

The anti-independence campaign Better Together has backtracked on plans to send so-called teacher resource packs out to all secondary schools in Scotland.

Following anger over their unilateral announcement, the No campaign has now said it will only send out packs to schools which make special requests for the material.

The U-turn follows criticism after the campaign group, led by Labour MP Alistair Darling, made the surprise announcement that they planned to send their pro-Union material to every secondary school in Scotland.

However the plan was immediately criticised by pro-independence group Yes Scotland who urged their rivals to wait until the Electoral Commission had published its guidelines.

The climbdown by Better Together followed a letter sent to campaign head Alistair Darling by his Yes Scotland counterpart Blair Jenkins calling on him to wait for guidance from the Electoral Commission and Education Scotland.

Mr Jenkins confirmed that Yes Scotland would produce its own information packs for schools only “after receiving appropriate guidance and advice”.

Mr Jenkins added: “I hope you are able to give an equivalent undertaking,”

Education Scotland is expected to present its advice to both campaigns this summer.