Billy Bragg: adds his voice in support of Scottish independence.


Billy Bragg, well known for his political voice in popular music, who wrote the song ‘Take Down the Union Jack’, believes the only way England can politically “wake up” is if Scotland becomes independent.

Bragg holding strong socialist views sees the Scottish Nationalists as a force for good.

Mr Bragg said: “The SNP majority government is really something significant. The SNP is a centre-left party that defeated all the other parties.”

Bragg penned the successful book ‘The Progressive Patriot’ about England’s reclaiming the St George’s Cross from the BNP – he campaigned vigorously against the BNP in East London during the last general election where they attempted to win their first seat in Westminster.

Speaking about the SNP leader, the artist added Salmond is: “putting forward a nationalism that’s inclusive and mature – something that we don’t have in England.  There will be a political realignment if Scotland becomes independent. We won’t be British any more. We’ll be English.”

“The problem for us from this is that if you’re in England and you want no fees and free prescriptions, who do you vote for?”

“Not an English national party, but a party for England of civic nationalism that puts forward the progressive ideas of the SNP. Scottish independence throws up the possibility of a more progressive England.”

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson said: “These are very welcome, sensible comments from Billy Bragg which recognise the fact that Scottish independence will be beneficial for both Scotland and England, with each nation pursuing the best policies for its citizens while continuing in a social union.”

Billy Bragg is playing in Edinburgh’s Queens Hall on November 13 as part of the Left Field in Motion tour with Sound of Rum as support.