Billy Kay: Broadcaster with a firm commitment to ‘the cause’

Billy Kay

By a Reporter

Top Scots broadcaster and social historian Billy Kay is to re-visit the referendum in an updated version of his radio documentary The Cause which starts next week – and we have an exclusive preview.

Billy made a welcome return to our studio to speak about The Cause, which will be broadcast by Radio Scotland in a new six-part series that starts next Tuesday (Aug 11).

Mr KayHe has updated the documentary series to cover the period of the referendum and its subsequent fall-out, and interviewed many of the key players involved.

That includes the recollections of now First Minister Nicola Sturgeon realised that Scottish nationalism was to experience an unprecedented “resurrection” (in Kay’s words) within hours of last September’s No vote. It was when her husband noticed that hundreds of people were joining the SNP in the immediate aftermath of the vote.

SNP membership famously leapt from around 26,000 to more than 100,000 people during the weeks that followed the poll.

Kay is a declared supporter of independence, and a fair-minded one. He is infatuated with Scottish history, and the stories of Bannckburn, Waterloo and individuals like R.B. Cunningham Graham trip from his tongue as he discusses the nation’s history.

We have posted his interview with Derek Bateman as an audio file (above) and video file (below).

The original five-part documentary series The Cause will be broadcast on Radio Scotland from Tuesday August 11 until September 8, with a specially produced sixth part covering the post referendum period on September 15. Each programme will go out at 13.30 on Tuesdays, to be repeated on the following Sundays at 0700. Each episode will also be available on the BBC iPlayer.

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