Blow for Lamont as own party supporters reveal lack of trust


  By Martin Kelly
Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont has suffered an embarrassing blow to her leadership credentials after a new survey revealed a majority of them do not trust her.
A new poll has revealed that whilst 33% said they trusted the Labour MSP, a staggering 44% of her own party supporters do not support the Scottish Labour leader, with 23% unsure.

The poll, carried out by YouGov, is a blow to Ms Lamont, who took over from Iain Gray as leader of the party in Scotland.  It follows months of silence from the Scottish Labour leader during a period that saw the party mired in a scandal over the replacement process for disgraced former Labour MP Eric Joyce.

The publication of the survey comes after a disastrous week for Scottish Labour that saw Ms Lamont accused of defaming a Scottish businessman and two of her colleagues caught making false statements over the bedroom tax and welfare during live broadcasts.

The new survey result gives the Scottish Labour leader an embarrassing rating of minus 11% amongst her party’s own supporters.
By contrast, the same survey revealed 83% support for SNP Leader Alex Salmond amongst SNP supporters with only 14% expressing unhappiness with the party leader, giving the First Minister a plus 69% rating.

Mr Salmond’s deputy Nicola Sturgeon achieved a 62% positive rating, with 78% saying they trusted the Deputy First Minister and 16% expressing dissatisfaction.
Commenting, SNP MSP Christina McKelvie said:
“This is a very embarrassing poll for Johann Lamont who has been dealt a severe blow after 44% of Labour supporters said they have no trust in her leadership – giving her a negative 11-point rating among her own voters.
“But it’s no wonder Labour supporters do not trust her – her Cuts Commission single-handedly ripped the soul out of the party and united it with the Tories.
“Not only that, but also her refusal to give a position on the Bedroom Tax or the Royal Mail has left her party without leadership on these key issues and mired in confusion.
“In complete contrast, the SNP’s position is unequivocal – the Bedroom Tax would be scrapped in an independent Scotland if we were elected to office, and Royal Mail would be in public ownership.
“The strong leadership shown in government by Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon has been clearly reflected by these trust polls.
“The SNP continues to move Scotland forward – delivering strong, competent government in the face of Westminster cuts. And the people of Scotland trust the Scottish Government to act in Scotland’s best interests compared to the Westminster government by a factor of nearly four-to-one.”